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4 Ways To A Better Booty – Living Daily
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4 Ways To A Better Booty

Working those bottom cheeks is surprisingly important for the power and functioning movement of the lower body. The buttocks muscles help you sit, stand and everything in between. For this reason, the buttocks carry some of the largest and sturdiest flesh in the entire body. There are three main muscles included in the mentioning of glutes. The gluteus minimus is the smallest of the muscles and is located on the sides of the pelvis, under the medius. The gluteus medius is the thick muscles in the hip area of the body. These muscles make it easy to walk and climb, support the pelvis to keep it in position, and helps with balance. Women strive to keep the backside toned because, as they age, gravity sets in and causes sagging in the gluteus. This leads to tissue loss from lack of exercise. However, most people complain of no time to target specific areas while working out. The rule of exercising is that you must make time. It would be easier to do so if the activities were not difficult, but fun and easy to do. These sensational aerobics work up a sweat, kill calories, and target the glutes, giving you a better booty without lackluster gym equipment.

#1: Kickboxing

Also known as, the art of Maui Thai, this workout is of high intensity and chisels the body to near perfection. It work every muscle in the body and burns tons of fat. The average person scorches approximately 600 to 750 calories per hour, pounding the punching bag. Kickboxing improves balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance, while developing self-discipline.

This fun and stress-relieving activity is especially rewarding when it comes to lifting that hump. The kicking styles for this form of martial arts tone, slenderize, and strengthen all three gluteal muscles along with the legs. Most gyms offer boot camp programs that revolve around this competitive sport. Have a blast sculpting your behind with this lively cardiovascular exercise.

#2: Zumba

Zumba is a new aerobics craze that combines fun, rhythm, and fitness by implementing international dance with intense workout plans. Choreography for Zumba includes Salsa, Soca, Mambo, and even the Gangnam Style dance. This body-rolling celebration aims mostly for the mid-section and lower body. However, instructors have been known to incorporate martial arts moves into their routines such as jabs, uppercuts, and combination punching directed at toning the arms and upper back. Zumba is a hardcore booty workout. Shaking and twirling those hips require the control of your gluteus medius. The squatting, marching and pivoting require the minimus and maximus also.

#3: Rollerblading

Known commonly as inline skating, this entertaining activity is a low impact aerobic workout. It amazingly, burns from 375 to 900 calories per hour depending on your speed. It simultaneously works your lower half from calves to core, including outer and inner thighs. Rollerblading also targets the minimus and medius glutes of the butt by creating side-to-side motion with each glide. This movement gets the job done without having to battle the hip abductor machine at the gym, while providing you with that free and vibrant feeling that you may be missing in your stuffy cubicle.

#4: The Wii Fit U Program

The Wii (and now Wii U) is an interactive game system that is motion controlled. This means when you move, the game senses it and responds. Nintendo, the creator of this console has introduced a workout program formulated to support and maintain your specific physical health. Wii Fit U tracks your progress while allowing the whole family to participate. This adds a little competition and a lot of encouragement. Wii carries an array of fun workouts that will have you jumping for joy and shaking those buns. Workouts that work the tushy include:

  • Dance games
  • Zumba
  • Snowboarding
  • Yoga
  • Rhythm Boxing

Hundreds of other workout programs are also available on Wii and Wii U. This system is an exciting alternative to seasoned calisthenics such as snowboarding that zero in on the gluteal muscles. The game activities listed will lift and mold your hiney in the comfort and privacy of your own home and will take away any excuse to skip a sweat session.

These methods of exercise will not only tone and shape the arms and legs, but also will lift and tighten your rear, while showing you a good time.

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