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5 Exercise Myths That Hinder Results

We all want to achieve impressive workout results, but fads and rumors of mythical dangers and fairytale diets can sabotage our plans and our exercise routine. To stop this hindrance, here are some myth-busting facts to put you in check on fitness.

Spot Reduction Works.

Spot reduction is an idea that you will lose weight in a certain area of the body if you focus on it during exercise. In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume, also known as thermodynamics. Moving the muscles may build them, but will not melt the area’s fat simply by focusing repetition. Spot reduction does tone and strengthen, but the true idea is to follow a program that consists of:

  • Cardio – exercise that works the heart and makes you sweat.
  • Weight training – lifting free or resistance weights to strengthen muscles.
  • Nutritional balance – eating healthy servings of food from all food groups.
  • Regular Exercise – exercising on a schedule to achieve inner health.

These factors combined, burn fat, and strengthen and tone the muscles in a balanced way. Where your fat is dispersed after being absorbed is strictly up to genetics. You cannot change DNA, but you can change your lifestyle to become a healthier you.

Crunches Make You Lean and Healthy.

crunchesCrunches are a common abdominal exercise. Throughout the years, this workout has been commercialized as one of the top methods of burning fat and shrinking the mid-section. Crunches actually burn about 20 calories per 100 crunches. That is not enough to make a difference in fat around the stomach area. In addition, crunches strain the back, causing risk of disk problems. Alternatives to this myth filled method are exercises involving a stability ball (a weighted workout ball), and eating foods that naturally burn fat such as whole grain and low fat dairy stuff.

Eat Whatever You Want, Just Move!

The myth states that one may eat whatever their stomach desires, as long as they move. Exercise is effective in weight loss, but it does no good if you are eating chocolate and cheeseburgers, as we all would love to do. Paying attention to the food you consume is important for the health of your whole body, the heart in particular. Ingesting large amounts of fat and cholesterol can clog arteries, which lead to heart disease, heart attacks, and maybe death. Eating foods that contain whole grains and low fat dairy products along with the exercise, will keep your heart in tip-top shape.

Muscle Turns to Fat.

Everyone says that if you stop working the muscles, they will all turn to fat. This is untrue because muscle and fat are made up of two different types of tissue and are independent, meaning they cannot magically transform into one another. This myth is understandable because when we do not workout it seems to be that we get fatter.

Here is the reason:

Exercise makes the body long for fuel to replace what is being lost. This fuel is found in tasty food (calories). When your normal workout routine is disrupted for any certain amount of time (more than a few weeks), two main things happen. The muscle in the body starts to breakdown due to lack of movement, which is natural. Then, the lack of exercise with the same caloric intake cause the body to keep the fat stored. Therefore, fat may or may not increase but with the loss of muscle, you appear to be gaining weight. The only way to stop the breakdown is to move those muscles. Even light exercise is acceptable for muscle maintenance.

Lifting Weights Will Make Women Hulk Up

hulk-up-womenWomen, who fear this myth to be true, stay away from the free weights. Weight training strengthens muscles but is not the same as bodybuilding, which is training with the goal of building muscle mass and can be competitive. In order for the body to get massive in muscle it needs testosterone, and lots of it. High levels are not typically found in a woman’s body. Get with a physical trainer and set some weight and outcome goals. Then you can work on an entire workout program that will tone and define your lady lumps without the bulk.

It is easy to believe the hype on all the latest fitness gossip and quick fixes. The goals you set for your body are only achievable if you focus on the facts and share any health and fitness concerns with a professional physical trainer. Furthermore, do not allow these five exercise myths to hinder your workout results.

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Spending most of his time at the gym has led Max to become a full time fitness instructor. He is also a recognized performance coach, massage therapist, author and motivational speaker.

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