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5 Foods That Cause Thinning Hair

Alopecia is the extreme diminishing of hair on the head and body. This condition is normally caused by heredity, infections, and stress. Foods that you eat can also have an influence on the health of hair and the lymphnods in the scalp. These foods encourage hair loss and should be avoided or reduced in order to maintain the health of you mane.


This North Atlantic fish contains methyl mercury, which is found in the oils of its tissue. Mercury (the general term) is a compressed metallic chemical component that is sensitive to temperature and is used to measure the degree of heat through a tool called a thermometer. The neurotoxin is found in the residue or shell and other fishbroken particles sprinkled on the ocean floor. It is also found in the mid water zone. It is unknown as to where exactly the mercury in the ocean comes from, but theories presume that it may come from pollution, volcanic eruptions, or biotic process (involves living organisms’ breathing or eating process). Mercury is extremely toxic to the human body. It can cause cancer, effect the nervous system by causing tremors, or causes dysfunction involving the body’s protection. When the immune system starts to breakdown, white blood cells attack the cavities of the hair, interrupting growth. Another intrusion of mercury is that it causes cuticle loss. The hair cuticle is the top outer layer of the hair shaft (dead part of hair). Mackerel is not the only fish that carries the contaminant.  Other fish to avoid, because of high mercury levels are:

  • Swordfish
  • Tilefish
  • Shark

Reducing exposure to mercury prevents the risk of retreating hair among other and greater consequences of absorption.  Fish that are safe to eat include tilapia, flounder, salmon, and oysters. If you insist on mackerel, settle for jack mackerel, for it contains lower levels of the chemical.


Pasta is a flour- based carbohydrate that contains glucose, the type of sugar that provides energy. When the levels of glucose are unattended over time, the high intensities will cause the cells to fight insulin being produced known as insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone that usually regulates glucose levels. However, the resistance causes the sugar to remain in the blood, increasing glucose levels and eventually developing diabetes. This high blood sugar disease can cause damage to the mane’s follicle cycle by narrowing the arteries making it difficult to transport vital nutrients to the roots. Glucose free is the best bet for getting your follicles back in shape. Eat foods such as nuts, eggs, and chicken. Be sure to avoid syrups and starches like potatoes.


Speaking of sugar, candy contains huge doses of a table sugar extracted from the sugarcane. It is commonly known as sucrose. This crystalline substance is a simple carbohydrate that is water-soluble and contains empty calories, meaning it has no nutritional value. In addition to slowing the flow of nutrients to your strands, this sugar may cause folliculitis. This follicle inflammation along with the presence of sucrose is the perfect incubator for a staph infection. The fungus that causes pus pockets and red bumps within the hair pattern thrives on the presence of sucrose to help the pathogen develop. In time, it can severely damage the hair follicle and cause permanent hair loss. There are varieties of candy alternatives to help keep your scalp healthy. Sugar-free candy has natural and artificial flavoring that make for tasty treats. However, make sure you are not allergic to dye. Nuts are also a flavorful addition to sugarless chocolates and caramels.

Soft Drinks

Most people attempt to avoid sugar in soft drinks, so they buy diet versions in order to have their soda and drink it too, so-to-speak. The diet soft drinks contain aspartame. This zero calorie sugar substitute is perceived as a healthy replacement for the 100 calorie original. However, aspartame could have some major effects on the body. The sweetner has been a controversial topic , regarding serious damage to the liver and brain. It is also proven to be linked to memory loss, swelling of the stomach, and hair deficiency. Your loss of locks could be due to lack of nutrients, but why aspartame causes this embarrassing mishap is still a mystery. Decreasing the amount of sodas you ingest and replacing it with water is the perfect way to detoxify the body, including the glands of the scalp. Increase the intake of foods that contain protein to aid in the growth and strength of your tresses.


Although liver is full of protein it is not the meat to eat if you are worried about losing your locks. It contains an liverextremely high level of vitamin A, 400% of the daily requirement, to be exact. The fat-soluble retinol is a productive vitamin that helps maintain correct vision, enhances the immune system, and protects against cancer. However, when you over do it, vitamin A becomes a poison, causing toxicity. Symptoms of the illness include:

  • Migraine
  • Weight gain
  • Poor memory
  • Digestive issues
  • Body aches

Hair loss is also a symptom of toxicity, however using moderation will lower the risks. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and avoid sweet potatoes, herbs, and the leafy greens.

These foods can be damaging to the hair and the skin around it. They should be evaded if you feel you are at high risk of alopecia

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