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5 Free Health Apps For The iPhone

People of today are busy with their life stories. They run the next prioritized errand on their to-do list app, slowing down only to stage a quick run at the local gym, to hit up the “check in” button on the community grid. Later, never remembering how many reps they took on that day, if any. They pull through the drive-through, grabbing a ninety-cent heart attack, and bolting to pick up the kids from school, without giving a thought to that diet plan they are going were going to start.

Time is a definite factor when it comes to your health, and procrastination or lack of that time can delay our chances of adopting healthier Dietary habits. Luckily, the technological experts in the Apple Store have created some innovative and fun applications that will help you start to live well, while on the go. These seven health apps for the iPhone will have you running, cycling, and eating better, all while letting you keep your mind on important things. . .like that new candy smashing game.

calorie-counterCalorie Counter

This easy to use app tallies up calories for three million different foods and counting. Create and customize complete meal and exercise plans, with specialized goal tracking progress that is based on height, weight, gender, and other important factors. You can track sugar, cholesterol, fat, and fiber amounts, then shop and add foods with the ease of pressing a button using the barcode scanning option. It is user-friendly and never at a loss for data, synchronizing to your account from any internet connection and device. It even has a fast food database, allowing you to make smart dietary choices while you are out. Join the Calorie Counter community, where you can add your friends and you can support each other by tracking group progress. The share button is also available for the major community websites, in case you want to boast about those milestones you have reached.

period-diaryPeriod Diary

Period Diary is an animated menstrual tracking system with fully functional calendar display. It monitors progress of your period, ovulation, moods, and weight fluctuation in a stylish and informative way. The instant period day predicting calculation helps to juggle those recreational activities around your body’s schedule, to avoid embarrassing mishaps. All while syncing with Google Calendar. This program also allows you to connect with others and discuss important topics on its social forums. There is even a note section to QWERTY your feelings, as well as your body’s changes for the month. Moreover, when you do discover there is a bun in the oven, the pregnancy mode will help you track symptoms and moods throughout gestation.


The highly rated and informative medical application contains an interactive design that allows you access to an entire diagnosing database, complete with causes, symptoms, and choices for treatment. It also features a full pharmaceutical prescription inventory guide that provides side effects, and usage information on many drugs, vitamins and supplements. Customize your WebMD by saving favorite content, local physicians with full mapping of the locations, and you prescription information. Email important information with friends and family. On the other hand, simply send a tweet to get the health word out. It also has a helpful offline medical emergency guide that provides responses for all kinds of crises, which could save a life.

nike-plus-fuel-bandNike Plus FuelBand

The Nike FuelBand, the flexible rubber body result-measuring bracelet, which is cool in itself, now works with a mobile app. The Nike Plus program allows you to connect to the band to track activities and progress for the week, month, and year. It saves directly to your online account, so you will be able to show off your stats from anywhere. It features a music player to get your body going to the beat, while encouraging accomplishment by creating daily goals and sending you move reminders, to help you perform your best and never give up. Post your latest progress to your friends and hear actual cheering sounds with every Like you get. Win trophies with this app for every past record you break. With timers, a calorie counter, and a pedometer you have all you need for the perfect workout plan.

daily-workout-freeDaily Workouts Free

Daily Workouts is a free yet popular download that offers the perfect workout experience for men and women alike. Developed by a certified trainer, it requires no internet connection to provide you with over 95 exercises, gathered together to create multiple workouts. It displays detailed texted instructions along with a timer that allows you to time yourself to track workout progress. This in-home body training system shows systematic videos on each exercise, making them easy to follow. It combines targeted and full body workouts allowing you to rotate routines to meet your personal physical needs.

These iPhone applications will cut workout time in half and help you keep up with your dietary and fitness progress, providing convenience and well thought out programs to keep you healthy and appease that busy schedule.

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