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5 Must Visit Cities For A Romantic Getaway

Romance is in the air and it has become time to find the perfect destination for a couple’s getaway. It will not be difficult to make some special memories that will last a lifetime when the ideal location has been decided upon. The right environment will allow love and passion to flourish, permitting couples to become caught up in the magic of the moment. These cities are the veritable go-to places to begin, rekindle, or simply celebrate a romance with someone special. Take advantage of the many sites and activities together and fall in love with one or all of these magical cities.

The City of Love

Ooh la la!  Nothing says romance more than the city of love, romantic Paris, France.  Love will abound and heartstrings will become entwined as couples enjoy this beautiful and romantic city. Enjoy the view from above the city in the Eiffel tower or along the famous river Seine. Stroll hand in hand through beautiful boulevards and cuddle in cozy bistros and discover another love of Paris – the wonderful food. View Paris from Montmartre, the hill that stands over the city. Travel down the hill a short distance to visit the wall of “I love You’s” to permanently display affection and love for one another. Couples will enjoy the rich culture and become swept up in the moment as they discover the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and many other remarkable offerings of this beautiful city. Paris is indeed for lovers and will be most ideal for romance during the spring or fall.

The Big Apple

A visit to New York City is like no other for young and old alike as they celebration of their love for one another.  Take an evening carriage ride through Central Park or indulge in a romantic stroll.  Steal a kiss or pop the question while drinking in the view atop the Empire State Building for an amazing memory that will be unforgettable.  Movie fans will love a Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as this store is a historic site and not to be missed. If visiting in the winter, one of the more romantic spots to bond is at the Ice Skating Rink at the Rockefeller Center, beneath their famous Christmas tree.  Enjoy a steaming hot chocolate with the love of your life at this unforgettable site. New York City is a breathtaking destination with unlimited opportunities for love to flourish and grow.

The City of Wonders

Located in the UAE, Dubai is a romantic destination for the adventurous couple. Known as the City of Wonders, Dubai is home to many record-breaking man-made wonders. Make some great memories exploring Dubai’s fascinating and innovative architecture. Spend time along the magnificent beaches and feel the white, silky sand underfoot.  View or stay at one of the man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree and enjoy an amazing golf course. Adrenaline junkies will have a blast as they hold hands and walk around Ferrari World, the world’s largest indoor theme park. Stop by Ski Dubai, an incredible ski complex that is located indoors featuring gnarly slopes and real penguins, located inside the Mall of Emirates. After a full day of exploring, stay at the world’s only underwater hotel, sleeping in a secluded floating cabin away from distraction while enjoying a view like no other.

A City on Water

Travel to Austria’s capital, Vienna – the city on water, and be swept away by the sights and sounds that are home to some very colorful people and rich culture. Travel the streets in a romantic horse drawn Fiaker carriage at night and enjoy the gold light illuminating Innere Stadt’s monuments and cobbles. Enjoy an afternoon together while gliding along one of the many canals of the River Danube, being serenaded by a singing gondolier.  Steal a kiss at Prince Eugene’s 18th century summer palace, the setting of Gustav Klimt’s famous painting The Kiss. Take home a copy of the original to commemorate the visit.  Listen to the sounds of romance at the Vienna State Opera House.  Or take in a romantic ballet in the horseshoe-shaped theater.  Take a romantic stroll at the Schloss Schonbrunn for some playful discovery in the hedge maze and visit the not-to-be-missed Carriage Museum. Vienna offers so much to couples, young and old, providing many memories and special moments to be remembered forever.

The Country that Travels With You

Beautiful Morocco certainly makes the list as one of the most romantic getaways. There are fewer places in the world that bring to mind romance as quickly as the city of Casablanca.  There are many mosques throughout the city but only one may be toured by non-Muslims. Walk the intricate maze of the Tangier Casbah, labeled as the “Last Casbah” by the New York Times. Allow the romance to get steamy while staying in a traditional Kasbah when visiting the Dades valley.  Stop in and visit the Tanneries of Fes and stroll through the romantic blue streets of Chefchaouen.  Take home a taste of Morocco by learning how to prepare traditional Moroccan meals and every time the meal is prepared, fond memories of the romantic journey will be remembered again.

Choose any of the above five destinations for a romantic getaway or visit one-by-one while enjoying one another’s company.  As the relationship ages with years, return each anniversary to relive and remember these most romantic days.  Romance is always in the air at one of these beautiful destinations, surrounded by culture, lights and water.

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