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5 Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Nip, tuck, and fill – the idea of seemingly flawless beauty by going under the knife has become quite popular within the last decade. People will shell out thousands of dollars for bigger breasts, plumper lips, a smaller waistline and a more youthful appearance but is the risk worth the reward? Many people who have opted for plastic surgery have received less than desirable results and were left disfigured and disappointed when they finally took off the bandages.

Here are five plastic surgery nightmares that are sure to have you thinking twice about before lining up for the operating table in hopes of perfection.

#1 – Hang Mioku

One of the most famous cases of plastic surgery gone extremely wrong is the case of South Korean woman Hang Mioku who was 48 years old and determined to take years off of her appearance. The story began when she was a ripe and young 28 years old and underwent her first plastic surgery procedure. This first procedure led to her wanting more and more. She began going through so many procedures that her face was left permanently enlarged and disfigured to the point that surgeons refused to perform any more work on her. It was believed she had developed an addiction to plastic surgery, an obvious sign of her having a psychological disorder.

Surgeons refusing to operate on her did not stop Mioku from altering her appearance. When no one would accept her offers, she began self-injecting cooking oil into her face. This made her face become even more enlarged than it already was. Her new large face and small body left the children referring to her as the “standing fan.” She has since gone through several surgeries to reduce some of the damage that has been induced, but her face is still scarred, disfigured and enlarged.

#2 – American Renee

As if butt implant surgery was not enough, the case of American Renee, a VIP nightclub hostess in Las Vegas, is sure to make people think twice about upgrading the size of their bottom half. Renee aspired for a larger butt because she believed it would make her one of Sin City’s sexiest party girls but the results were terrifying. The botched surgery left the implants flipping inside out not to mention that it almost killed her.

Renee posted a video online to show people the implants jiggling under her skin and people were horrified. Since then, she has had these unsightly and even dangerous implants removed and uses her plastic surgery experience to urge other woman to undergo safe and healthy plastic surgery with a reputable surgeon.

#3 – Lauren Yardley 

Like most women of her age, Lauren Yardley aspired to have a more curvy and feminine figure. Her desire to become more curvaceous was due to her so called “boyish figure”. This decision became so strong that she finally made the decision to have breast implants. Yardley paid over $5,000 to have her A-cup size breasts enlarged to a whopping DD cup.

The results seemed to be okay at first, until her body began to reject one of the implants. While that is normal in some cases, hers became a nightmare when it began to protrude from her chest and out of the skin. It took several operations to repair the damage done by this plastic surgery nightmare. 

#4 – Marilyn Lesiz

Marilyn Lesiz once visited a plastic surgeon in order to correct little bumps that began protruding along her eyelids but was soon to be faced with a truly terrifying experience. After the procedure, she soon realized that she could no longer close her eyes. No matter how hard she tried, she could not close her eyes – not even to sleep! This condition put her at a great risk for permanent blindness.

Lesiz’s life has been greatly compromised by this experience. Things such as sleeping and showering are a great obstacle as she now has to take many precautions to not further damage her eyes. She won a $115,000 lawsuit against the doctor who performed the plastic surgery but still suffers from the results. Some doctors claim they can fix the issues with more surgery but she is too scared to go under the knife again – but can you blame her? 

#5 – Pamela Baris do Nascimento

The result of many plastic surgery nightmares is permanent reconfiguration but the end result for Brazilian Model, Pamela Baris do Nascimento took a much more horrific turn. Nascimento was in for her third liposuction treatment but died during the procedure. It gets even scarier as it took the hospital three days to report her death because the surgeons made a very fatal mistake.

During the plastic surgery procedure, surgeons had perforated her kidney and punctured her liver. Due to this horrific turn of events, these plastic surgeons are now facing manslaughter charges for their ‘procedure’.

While there are times where cosmetic plastic surgery has remarkable advantages, there are also those unfortunate times where failures occur and people are left with permanent disfiguration for the sake of vanity.  Sadly, most women and men are quite beautiful and what should have been repaired was their confidence rather than their physical attributes. Aspire to be beautiful on your own terms.

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