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5 Unique Jewelry Storage Solutions

Chances are, all of your jewelry is placed in a boring and cluttered jewelry box. Throwing all of your rings, bracelets and necklaces into a little box causes them to become tangled and damaged to the point where repair is simply out of the question.

With these 5 unique yet simple jewelry storage solutions, all of your favorite pieces can rest in an organized place where they will remain easily accessible. Get ready to say goodbye to cluttered boxes because these unique jewelry storage solutions will quickly become your favorite way to store and organize all of your most fabulous pieces.

Cork Board: A simple cork board is one of the most fun and simple ways to organize all of your jewelry pieces. Cork boards can be purchased at various craft stores in many different sizes. Keep in mind, the bigger the better because the more space that it offers, the more jewelry that you will be able to organize.

Once you have the cork board, you can hang it on your wall and begin placing thumbtacks or hooks throughout the board. These hooks will serve as the place where you will be able to hang your jewelry. This works exceptionally well for smaller items such as earrings and bracelets, but can be used for virtually anything.

The plus side of using cork board is that you can staple or glue fabric to it in order to fit in with the decor of your room! The fabric will not affect the stability of the hooks either.

Tackle Box: The typical tackle box is not just great for the man who loves fishing, it is also great for those people who are looking for a better way to store their jewelry. Those who are interested in this method have the option of refurbishing an old tackle box or purchasing a new one from a home-improvement or fishing supplies shop.

Once you have the tackle box in your possession you can begin putting your own personal flair on it with paint and other supplies. All of the separate containers and drawers in a tackle boxes make for perfect organization of all your jewelry.

Coat Hangers: Clothes hangers do not just have to be limited to hanging clothes. Their structure and shape make them great for jewelry of all shapes and sizes.

To use a clothes hanger as a jewelry hanger, all that you need to do is attach a couple of hooks to the frame, and then there you have it – an excellent way to hang all of your jewelry. Note, this works best with hangers made of wood.

Picture Frame: Chances are, you have several old picture frames lying around that are no longer in use. By simply removing the glass or plastic cover from the frame, you have a fresh new way to organize your jewelry! Decorating the frame with paint and other supplies allows your to accommodate this solution to fit your tastes.

To make the most of the picture frame, attach three or four lines of string that run from side to side with hot glue. Once the glue has dried you can begin hanging all of your jewelry on the string and they will never get all tangled up again!

Egg Carton: As weird as it may sound, the little compartments within an egg carton are prime storage spots for little pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets and brooches. A little bit of paint and sparkles transforms a boring old egg carton into a high-fashion jewelry storage solution that everyone will be faced with.

Keeping your jewelry untangled and organized is no longer an issue thanks to these 5 brilliant and unique jewelry storage solutions!

About Ryley Ashton

Ryley is an interior home decorator with a few years of experience in feng shui lifestyle. She is a co-author for several publications, focusing on interior design ideas. She loves swimming and traveling in her free time.

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