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5 Ways To Become A Better Runner

Running is a rewarding style of exercise that prevents muscle and bone damage, reduces the risk of stroke and cancer, and builds self-esteem. But, what can you do to advance as a runner?

Proper Form

Form is the specific movement of the body when you are working, exercising, and for some reason, when people are sword fighting. Use of correct form is important during your run to prevent injury and reach maximum fitness results. Running is a fun and effective way of strengthening the heart and burning fat. However, you should be aware of the risks that are encompassed in the routine.

  • proper-formShin splints – (aka tibial stress syndrome) this common runner’s condition is pain in the muscles surrounding the shinbones and that span throughout the lower leg, including the foot. It is caused by stress fractures, the over use of muscles, and the collapse of the arch of the foot due, to weighted contact during stride.
  • Joints – compression of joints, especially the pelvic area, may cause pain and inflammation from twisting and landing.
  • Back – if you run while slumping, it can cause the back muscles to spasm or be strained. Over time, this can have damaging effects on the disks (shock absorbers) of the spine.
  • Muscle Tears – muscle fatigue along with a sudden sprint or unexpected movement can rip the muscles in the legs, namely the calves.

 These risks are brought on by common mistakes that we can learn to avoid such as:

  • Over doing it – If you work muscles for too extensively, it can lead to signs of overexertion and influence the body’s ability to function. It can also strain or tear tendons and ligaments.
  • Over stride – (CONFIRM DEFINITION) over striding means to land on the heel as you run. This mistake will waste your energy is a cause of those dreaded shin splints.
  • Arm Swing – Improper arm swing causes back and hip strain. It also makes the body unbalanced and your body will have to compensate for the torso’s volatility, burning needed energy.

What Is Proper, Anyway?

Proper form is easily attainable when you pay attention to a few key movements and points of the body. Keep your eye on the prize by sanctioning your gaze to guide the head’s position. Some people look down at their feet, and this strains neck muscles and may cause you to bump into things, which is never fun and a bit embarrassing. Relax the shoulders to lessen muscle pain and straighten out the back. This is called running tall and will retain good posture. It also aligns the upper body preventing injury of the vertebrae and permit the hips to have natural movement. Hold the arms at a 90-degree angle while pulling the elbows back. This will hold steadiness and take the tension off the thighs when you swing. You should always spring off the ground at full force and protect the heels from hammering the ground. This will prevent injury lower leg and foot injury.

Plan It Out

You need to make a plan for success and use it to implement a safe and positive approach to your workout.      

Doc’s Clearance First

doctor-clearanceYou have heard it before, but you must always get authorization from your doctor before you start any health program. A physician is the one that guides you to awareness of your own health level. They will recommend what is suitable and dangerous for you. If you skip this step, it could trigger body damage or heart conditions that could be preventable. In addition, he or she can help you monitor your progress correctly.

Be Realistic

Another crucial element to planning for dashing toward accomplishment is to be real with yourself. Setting goals is exhilarating and key to the process of success however, signing up for a 5K is out of the question if you have not equipped your body with durability for that event. Goals that are not rational are also certain to make you feel overwhelmed, which can cause you to lose sight of the entire idea and stay on the couch.

The Right Clothing

run-right-clothesBefore you head out in the dead of winter in a pair of biker shorts, consider the consequences. Your body temperature will upsurge while you are active but will not create a magical force field around you. You can become unwell in the winter. It is also possible to overheat in the summer, so it would be outlandish to buy sweat pants in June, with the assumption that you are going to burn more calories. You could put yourself at risk for a stroke.

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Spending most of his time at the gym has led Max to become a full time fitness instructor. He is also a recognized performance coach, massage therapist, author and motivational speaker.

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