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6 Mistakes Made When Applying False Lashes

Women have been crazy about synthetic lashes since they were invented in 1916. Today, the demand is still on the rise for these voluminous and daring accessories. The only problem is they are difficult to put on, allowing mistakes to occur in the process. Blunders can lead to public fashion disasters which are embarrassing, particularly during the important moments when it is necessary to look your best. There is a learning curve with applying false eyelashes, but with repetition and knowing the right steps, you can master the skill.

The Lift

Have you ever wondered why women walk around with one end of their fake lashes flapping in the wind? This happens when strip lashes are not measured and cut correctly. It causes the base of the strip to press against the eye and become unglued and lifts away from the eye. This is also known as the bird flap effect. This can be prevented by measuring the falsies against the size of the eye and cutting away the excess. Remember to cut the longer side to keep the tapered look.

Nix the Mascara

mascaraMascara is made to lengthen and separate your real lashes. However, when it comes to applying falsies, it is best to leave the mascara out of the loop. It will only strip out the natural lashes and cause the fake ones to become dense and chunky. That defeats the purpose of applying them in the first place, to make everyone think that they are real. If you are putting on falsies that are darker than your natural lash color, you will feel the need to use mascara to blend with that color. If this is the case, put a small layer of mascara on the bottom side of your lashes. This is to be done before you glue the extensions, to avoid damage.

Color Coordination

Your lashes have a unique color. This means that you need to match them to the color of the lash glue you use. You do not want a black glue lines to show on your brown lashes. The goal is to keep the look as natural looking as possible. White glue is the best fit for this dilemma, because it is clear once dry which works well with all colors of lashes, from black to pink.

Double Lash Lines

When applying fake lashes one of the most common mistakes, especially among beginners it missing the lash line. A lash line is the point at which your eyelashes meet the eyelid. If you do not take the time blend the base of the applied lashes to that line, it will show significantly, by way of a second line. In order to perform this step correctly lay the falsies on top of your lashes, adjacent to the lash line, with the glue already applied. Slowly push the fake lashes along the base of that line, using either tweezers or your finger. If one of the corner are not connecting, let the glue sit for about a minute and continue applying. As the glue dries, it becomes sticky, making easier to bond to the lash line.

Daytime Drama

A rhinestone-studded affect is a great way to emphasize your look when you are out on the town, but for everyday use, the flashy look is excessive. Choosing a natural look will accent the eyes without making you look outrageous. A recommended style is the strip lash that are available in many varieties like thin based and shorter lashes. Individual single lashes are suitable for filling in gaps.


In times of hurry, you can make the mistake of putting your lashes on backwards. Usually when this happens, you do not notice it until you are in the middle of some life-changing event. This is majorly annoying but never fear there is a painless solution. Remove the lashes with makeup or adhesive remover and a cotton ball. If you are using the makeup remover, make sure it is not oil based or it will damage the strip base. Saturate the cotton and hold it to your closed eye for 15 seconds. It should be easily pulled away from the eyelid.

Correct procedure

Applying your false lashes comes easy with these simple steps:

  1. lashClean – Make sure that you have washed all the old makeup or accumulated dirt from your face.
  2. Eye Makeup – Before you get to the lashes, apply some fresh eye makeup (but remember the mascara tip above).
  3. Curl – Use an eyelash-curling tool to curl those natural lashes. They will blend more evenly with the falsies.
  4. Glue – squeeze a dollop of glue onto the back of your hand and slide the base of the strip lash through the glue. Then, carefully place the strip onto your slashes and softly press the lash base toward your natural lash line until they are even.
  5. Repeat – Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated for the other eye.
  6. Pinch – You can use the lash curler to press the band on to the lash line tighter. Pinching them together with your fingers is just as effective.
  7. Line it- Once the glue is dry, simply touch up your eyeliner to sharpen the look.

Choice mistakes can cause your lashes to appear awkward and animated. Nevertheless, natural beauty is attainable by following the correct steps of applying false lashes.

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