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6 Sexy Eyeliner Looks

Eyeliner has been progressively admired since the dawn of civilization. From Sheba to Rome, this eye-defining look was considered a symbol of outward beauty. Today, the trend continues to expand into a worldwide thrill by turning plain eyes into portals of sex appeal. These six eyeliner looks will evoke your sensual side and bring out your hottest trait.

Au Natural

Flat, earthy tones make the face with two styles of this eye accentuating magnetism. A natural look can carry the soft and innocent yet sensuous daytime look, and a provocative and mature look that adds a flirtatious zest to your nighttime endeavors.

au-naturalSoftness of Day

Subtle and soft colors such as baby pink, lavender, and white will give you that awakened look. Lighter liner makes the eyes appear larger. This look is considered very arousing because larger features like lips and eyes are indications of fertility in the laws of attraction. These exaggerated traits trigger sexual excitement during the mate selection of human beings.

The Innate Night Glow

When the night falls, soft browns or greys deepen the eyes and add allure while keeping your natural intimate charm. Surrounding your features in bronzy and earth colored tones will perfectly accentuate those bedroom eyes giving you a tantalizing nude glow.

Smoldering Flesh

This ruler of the catwalk has turned into a trend-setting look that dominates mainstream fashion. Historically, this eye-darkening look was applied with the thought that it would shield the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. It was also believed to protect you from the curse of the “Evil Eye”, which was a disturbing thought symbolized by a cruel stare. The thought supposedly contained the power to cause harm, and usually stemmed from jealousy. Stirring up jealousy will be easier than ever with variations of this smoky look. Colors that have a black or grey base are the norm in obtaining this sexiness. However, bronzy reddish, deep blues and other dark tones add some highlight. A sophisticated and daring appearance, this shadowy lining suggests a hint of naughtiness in your disposition.

Winged Finesse

Liz Taylor sparked and owned this seductive expression in the 1963 movie, Cleopatra. The makeup was historically reflective of the beautifying originality in Egypt during the Hellenistic era. Liquid eyeliner was then made for the style. It has adorned future generations, adapting to any manner. From elegant and business worthy, to the Goth and punk realms it exudes attractiveness and bravura in every maquillage.

The Feline Gaze

This eye design was popular in the 1950’s regarding the simple yet charming style of women of that period. The look exploded into fashion with the 1966 debut of Batman, featuring the lovely and mischievous cat woman. The look has since taken center stage on glamorous evening eyewear. Though similar to the winged look, it takes on the smoky hues to make the eyes pop, giving you a prowl-esk stare that is sure to lure your mate.

Bright Eyes

bright-eyelinerTaking the town by Illumination is the goal with this look. Bright, attention-grabbing shades set the eyes off and flash interest in your luminosity. From cobalt blue to shocking purple, rainbow shades bring out your natural skin tones and set fire to your gaze. It is the perfect paint for the girls’ night out. Long wear eye pencils are a sure thing when making this bold statement and unlike the kohl pencils, the long wear will last through your party and beyond. Spice up the winged look with bright yellow tones or be the cat’s meow by applying the cooler blue with silver for cat eyes.

Full Circumference

This deep and exaggerated eye makeup will give you an overwhelming and stimulating glare. Whether you are surrounding your rim with a thin line to widen your watchers or a thicker and suppler line to make your color surge, this facade will press your beau’s passion button and rock the scene. It is widely applied and considered a common look among the punk, Goth, and emo scenes. Jet-black is the primary color when spreading on the liner style. This shade lightens the eye color and gives it depth.

These radiances add flair to your style and attitude to your stare. Bask in the bold glow of these erotic and illustrious eye patterns and arouse the sexy in you.

About Nina Wessels

began her career studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon graduating she had the opportunity to work in design for several influential designers. Nina finds inspiration in shapes, architecture and color.

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