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6 Yummy Gluten-free Foods

Everyone loves tasty treats. Although, some of us are banned from them due to the gluten the foods contain, making people feel they are condemned to endure doughy, bitter breads and Styrofoam flavored rice cakes for eternity. With knowledge and access to alternatives, you do not have to feel trapped in a cage of plainness while your friends or family delight themselves in all assortments of enjoyable meals.

What is Gluten?

Scientifically speaking, gluten is a binding compound made up of proteins and are found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. In plain language, the stuff make food chewy, thick, and full of texture.

What is So Bad About Gluten?

inside-bodyIt is not all that bad, unless you have Celiac Disease. Celiac is a hereditary autoimmune disorder (meaning the body have some allergic reaction to itself) that involves the intestinal tract and causes gluten intolerance. The body recognizes gluten as an antigen, which motivates the production of antibodies. Those who have this incurable disease may suffer from permanent damage to the small intestine, malnutrition and, if untreated, it can cause to the person to wither away slowly. This is due to gluten performing as an obstruction to the absorption of vital nutrients.

For years, celiac sufferers have had to bear tasteless and even bitter foods due to the exclusion of this oddly flavorful substance. Recently, major food companies have set their sights on creating and improving foods that cater to the disorder. Changing your diet does not have to lead to a life of cheating your wellness in order for you to enjoy the foods you desire. Here is a compilation of six yummy foods that will have you feeling normal once again.


One of the most difficult foods to let go of is breakfast cereal. This may be because they are flavorful and delicious and to be honest that is hard to replace. Introduced in 1937, Chex cereal has been popularized by the “television snack” Chex Mix. Since then, the company has expanded its products to include a growing line of cereals dedicated to the people who cannot digest gluten. They have done their sweet homework in coming up with this appetizing variety:

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Honey Nut
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Vanilla

These cereals are delicious and inexpensive.

gluten-free-cheesecakeHomemade Gluten-free Cheesecake

Cheesecake has been a dessert favorite for thousands of years. Even today, most everyone loves a New York slice of this goodness. However, cheesecake contains hidden sources of gluten. Fortunately, there are tasty recipes for no-bake cheesecake, like the one available at

Chicken Tenders…Yes, Breaded!

Arguably, bread is the food people miss the most after changing over to this new diet. They can no longer indulge in mom’s fried chicken because the flour used to coat the chicken will upset the stomach. Perdue has found the perfect formula to provide seitan intolerant consumers with hearty goodness.

Mouthwatering Brownies

As children, many of us have to enjoy the warm and chewy goodness of homemade brownies. The gluten less lifestyle makes that hard to do unless you sink your teeth into the cardboard tasting products available at your local organic grocery store. Never fear, Betty Crocker has omitted the word bland with yummy chocolate brownies from her gluten-free line of desserts. Free your gluten intolerant taste buds with these decadent morsels, knowing the mix was contrived in a gluten free facility.  They are easy to make and allow you to add a little pleasure to your regime.


People with Celiac Disease are strongly directed to consume no pizza. However, the majority of our society loves pizza, which has sparked attention to this new target market. Mama Celeste has regained popularity with a pizza free of the intestinal-damaging protein.

If the “from scratch” approach is what you desire, yeast free is the way to go when selecting a crust. Not to mention it tastes no different from the original. Top it with your own special ingredients for a scrumptious zest that will become a family favorite.

gluten-free-pancakesPancakes and Waffles

Expand your options for Sunday brunch with pancakes and waffles that are free of the wheat meat. Bisquick makes a line of mix that accommodate people with health issues, in general. If heavenly hot cakes is not enough to excite you, the same gluten-free mix can be used to create tons of recipes from apple crisp to chicken and dumplings provided at, all without the worry of tummy trouble.

Following a strict diet that excludes so many delicious foods takes dedication and self-discipline. These yummy gluten-free foods make it easy to makes the appropriate nutrition choices for your daily menu.

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