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7 Remedies For Dark Eye Circles

Shady loops under the eyes can be an embarrassing display of the aging process and an indication of other conditions. Most people think they are inevitable and uncontrollable. Fortunately, nature and dermatology experts have invented some remarkable remedies for dark eye circles.


cucumberCucumbers are a cool and healthy treat, which invigorates. It is also supportive in soothing those shadowy circles. The magnesium in the melon brings a nerve relaxing reaction to the skin. The much-needed compound takes part in many of the body’s chemical reactions, allowing it to function correctly. It also assist with freeing the flow of body fluid through the periocular vessels, diminishing the dark color. The antioxidants and silica (minerals) in these gherkins are found to rejuvenate and smooth your layers. Water retention is a widely known condition where the body holds on to excess water and results in swelling. An ascorbic acid in the fruit reduces the retention. The cool temperature is not bad either. It tightens vessels to comfort the skin and defeat the darkness.

Green Tea

Tea is believed to cure all kinds of ailments from muscle spasms to infections. It also is effective for keeping skin radiant and damage-free. Skin cancer usually forms in the cells of sun-exposed skin containing liver spots and other legions, brought on by UV rays. It can also upset the thin skin around the eyes, exposing more of the dark vessels that reside under the membrane. This skin deterioration has a lot to do with the free radicals, which are unstable molecules that nourish cancer cells.

Green tea releases melatonin when it is directly applied to the skin. Melatonin is a color-altering hormone that originates from serotonin, which constricts the blood vessels and adjusts the amount of blood allowed into the tissue preventing periorbital edema (puffy eyes).  Drinking the healthy green mixture will also release antioxidants into the body, fighting off those free radicals that feed the cancer causing cells, and incorporates an even tone from the inside out.


Water is the vital element of the human body. It is required for physical fitness, disease hindrance, and reversing the signs of aging. When you are properly hydrated, the surface of your skin becomes supple and the pores are water-for-dark-circlescleared to allow oils in the epidermis to flow freely. It binds to collagen, as well, helping it keep you firm and glowing. The less water you take in, the more skin contracts, inducing wrinkles and age spots.

Many of the drinks we love do not help in the fight for the youthful look. Beverages that contain caffeine such as coffee and soda are main reasons for thirsting skin. These diuretic drinks take water away from the body. This leaves skin dry and prone to dark flaws and intake of these harsh fluids should be minimized.  Dehydration can also form the dark bluish hue around the eyes. The lack of water causes blood cells to become concentrated, slowing circulation and causing blood to gather. In addition, the face becomes pale, appearing gloomy as it enhances the effects of the circles. However, water keeps the skin moist and vivid by nourishing the cells from within. Replenishing skin-building proteins and restoring natural color to the face.

Concealers The mission of a concealer is to, well, conceal meaning to cover up or camouflage blemishes or liver spots. Until recently, this makeup was a simple flat colored cover that was available in light, medium, and deeper tones. The results usually produced caked and painted on looks, accompanied by wrinkle-amplifying creases.  The makeup experts of today have made over the art of concealing, turning it into a scientific breakthrough. The colors have changed and the results are neutralizing.

Lavender is a soft tinted primer that reduces yellow discolorations of the complexion. It also pales eye circles. Creating a natural and colorless finish. Yellow concealer counteracts any blue blemish including bruises and the under eye basins. Giving you a fresh and fleshy tone. In addition, a green concealer is more for nullifying the red colors of the face, but is equally effective in its concealment.

Creams Eye lotions are speedy and simple solutions to your aging spots, with the latest formulas that will leave skin rejuvenated and nourished. There are countless formulas for the under eye area. They include:

  • creamsTinted – these creams carry age-defying ingredients and double as a mild makeup base to ensure the defeat of the rings.
  • Caffeine – this ingredient works wonders as an anti-inflammatory and provides ample amounts of antioxidants that fight and prevent further skin damage.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – scientists have recently started adding this replicated version of the natural HA found in epidermis that is responsible for the production of new cells. It is lost as you age. This component also heals wounds.
  • Retinal – Also known as, a vitamin this element is present in a majority of serums to aid in firming and thickening of the flesh. It also constricts capillaries for reducing signs of the sleepy look.

Eye Masks Masks are basic and instant circle erasers and brightening your expression. These gel-filled contraptions can usually be heated or cooled before strapping them on. Not only will you resemble a super hero, you will be cascaded with cooling burst of muscle stimulating vigor. The coolness of the mask shrinks capillaries, reducing unsightly swelling and dullness.

These remedies revitalize and reverse signs of aging, neutralizing and lifting the shades of your eyes to reveal your brilliance.

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