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7 Water Fountain Ideas for Patios, Gardens, and Yards

Outdoor water fountains are powerful additions to any space.  Sound and light are influenced when one of these fountains is installed in the yard, garden, or on the patio.  Selection of a fountain will depend on the intended space characteristics.  Facing, theme, color, and texture options are displayed here.  Ultramodern glass fountains, as a rule, should not be placed in a garden with a Renaissance flair.  They would fit nicely on a tile or brick patio that has a sleek design.


Table Top Fountains        

Water that gently flows is an instant attraction to anyone who hears or sees it.  There is a theory that gently cascading water releases negative ions.  When those ions come into contact with the atmosphere’s electrons the air is neutralized.  This theory is used to explain why any source of water tends to make people happy.  Whether the theory has merit or not, most people like being near a waterfall.  It seems to make people relax.  Finding a waterfall every time you need to relax is an impossibility.

The table top fountain can allow you to enjoy the calming effects in the comfort of your home.  Placed as the centerpiece of a patio table, it invites you to relax to the sound of gently flowing water.


Outdoor Fountains

Any natural space or garden can be enhanced with an outdoor water feature.  A fountain completes the landscape design by adding the element of water.  The sound of a babbling brook or a gushing waterfall can be created.  The mesmerizing, soothing sounds enrich the outdoor living area or garden.

There are hundreds of sizes, shapes, and styles from which to choose.  Possible materials are glass, ceramic, metal, resin, rock, fiberglass, cut stone, or granite.  Many fountains are Asian inspired, but other styles include rustic, country, urban, artsy, classic, traditional, or modern.  To aid in selecting an outdoor fountain, you are encouraged to think about the material, size, and style you find appealing and that will work well in the space it will occupy.


Solar Fountains

Solar and water power are the most powerful energy sources in nature.  A solar fountain not only harnesses that power, but makes the fountain very flexible.  Since there are no electric cords, there are many locations to place a fountain.  The eco-friendly solar fountain can be used to decorate any area in the yard or garden.

Solar fountains make a beautiful addition to the landscape.  Many styles are available in a variety of materials.  Usually, they are equipped with a solar cord that is placed in the sun.  The fountain can still operate in an environment with lots of shade.  That feature makes the fountains especially versatile.  Technology exists that can convert nearly any fountain into a solar unit.


Outdoor Wall Fountains

Wall water fountains are the perfect addition to an outdoor living space.  The elegant blend of atmosphere and art makes it the focal point of the area.  Without losing valuable floor space, the wall fountain, provides soothing sounds.  The rippling sounds mingle with a subtly lighted surface to give a touch of elegance.

The most common materials used in the construction of wall fountains are slate, granite, or marble.  Artistic backgrounds are also used.  Reflective surfaces like stainless steel and mirrors can be part of the design.

There are vertical and horizontal models.  The fountains are easy to mount and easy to maintain.  The fountains are lightweight and durable.  They can hold up against all sorts of weather.


Floor Fountains

Floor fountains are available in indoor or outdoor varieties.  They look stunning no matter where they are placed.  Like all other fountains, they provide beautiful, soothing sounds.   Floor models are handcrafted from natural materials like ceramic, glass, slate, and copper.  They are nearly maintenance free.

Each unit made of slate is unique.  The variegated layers of diverse color make that possible.  Floor fountains come in waterfall of cascading variations.  They enhance the deck, patio, yard, or garden.


Ground Cover Fountains

Making an outdoor water fountain that is the centerpiece of ground cover plants is an attractive enhancement to the landscape.  Select a location for the fountain.  Dig holes four to six inches apart and six to eight inches from the fountain to plant vegetation.

Ground cover like baby’s breath or moss will highlight the fountain by growing on and up the fountain base.  Fountains from wood, stone, or pottery that are free-standing are best suited for this landscape design.


Rock Garden Fountains

A peaceful, soothing landscape can be created with a rock garden and outdoor fountains.  A fountain with plumbing fixtures or containers is a good choice to provide an extraordinary  visual effect.  Using rocks of any color or size, place rocks randomly over the entire designated area and at the fountain’s base.  Large stones or boulders should be buried about a fourth of an inch to stabilize them.



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