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8 Luxury Yachts

Have you ever imagined owning an island in the middle of the sea? How will you get to that island? With you super exclusive and luxurious yacht of course! This is of course not for everyone. These yachts are only for the big boys. It is only to be desired by those who really can fork out the cash for it. Feast your eyes on the yachts below.

Alfa Nero

This yacht measures 82 metres (269 ft) in length. It was designed by Nuvolari & Lenard and built by Oceanco in 2007. Estimated price is $190 million.

alpha-nero-1alpha-nero-2alpha-nero-3alpha-nero-4alpha-nero-5alpha-nero-6alpha-nero-7alpha-nero-8alpha-nero-9alpha-nero-10Here is a video of the Alfa Nero


Alibi is a 51m (167’3″ft) motor yacht, custom built in 2005 by CBI Navi. Estimated price for this yacht is €15.75 million.

alibi-1 alibi-2 alibi-3 alibi-4 alibi-5 alibi-6

Andreas L

Andreas L is the thisd yacht in the AMNESIA line of yachts. She measures 60 Meters(196.9 Feet). Available for charter starting from €350,000.

andreas-l-1 andreas-l-2 andreas-l-3 andreas-l-4 andreas-l-5 andreas-l-6 andreas-l-7 andreas-l-9 andreas-l-10


Here is a video of the Andrea L


Able to accommodate 12 guests in 6 double cabins and a master bedroom, she is the perfect combination of luxury and performance.

Arkley-1 Arkley-2 Arkley-3 Arkley-4 Arkley-5 Arkley-6 Arkley-7 Arkley-8Arkley-10 Arkley-9


Below is a video of the Arkley

Big Fish

Big Fish is a 45m motor yacht delivered in 2010 by McMullen & Wing to a design by Gregory C. Marshall. Her price tag is $29 million or available for sharter at $245 000.

big-fish-1 big-fish-2 big-fish-3 big-fish-4 big-fish-5 big-fish-6 big-fish-7 big-fish-8big-fish-13 big-fish-12 big-fish-11 big-fish-10 big-fish-9

Below is a video of the Big Fish.

Blue Scorpion

At 53m long, Blue Scorpion includes a very desirable full width master and VIP cabins. The price for this superyacht is €21.5 million.

blue-scorpion-1blue-scorpion-2 alpha-nero-10 alpha-nero-9 blue-scorpion-7 blue-scorpion-6 blue-scorpion-5 blue-scorpion-4 blue-scorpion-3blue-scorpion-9 blue-scorpion-8

Below is a video of the Blue Scorpion.

Cheeky Tiger

Cheeky Tiger is a 34m luxury yacht built by Leopard. She is for charter from, €60,000 and for sale from, €3.45 million.

cheeky-tiger-1 cheeky-tiger-2 cheeky-tiger-3 cheeky-tiger-4 cheeky-tiger-5 cheeky-tiger-6 cheeky-tiger-7 cheeky-tiger-8 cheeky-tiger-9 cheeky-tiger-10

Cloud 9

CLOUD 9 is a 60m luxury motor super yacht available for charter built in 2009 by CMN Yachts. Priced ar $54 million, she can accommodate 14 guests and 16 crew.

cloud-9-1 cloud-9-2 cloud-9-3 cloud-9-4 cloud-9-5 cloud-9-6 cloud-9-7 cloud-9-8 cloud-9-9 cloud-9-10 cloud-9-11 cloud-9-12 cloud-9-13

Below is a video of the Cloud 9.

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