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Awesome 80’s Fashion Comebacks

Today’s expressions have enhanced these retro 80’s styles by using the sophisticated edge of today. The paths cleared by hairstylists and designer experts of the past have been reshaped to portray a GQ quintessence to complement 21st century fashions.



This once punk inspired cut has since been tamed and trimmed, allowing you to keep a professional manner while showing a bit of your wild side. British and U.S. hardcore rock bands represented this unshaven version of the Mohawk in the early 1980’s. The look spread and became an expressive part of the punk nation. Now, it speaks celeb style and sex appeal. It is perfect for everyday wear, while remaining tastefully individualized.


The rockabilly is a complete lifestyle genre of its own, merging rock verve and country charm. It actually originated in the 1940’s. This slick bad boy style became popularized with the help of music prodigies such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Between the 70’s and 80’s, the rockabilly design was revived with a punk twist, through U.K. bands that set it off until the 90’s. The futuristic version of this genus has arrived onto the scene with that 80’s flair and well throughout modern influence, while staying true to the original fashions. The pompadour hairdo that heightens this look can be worn a number of ways. The classic greaser expression, the curly classic, and the lazy pompadour are all lining the runways with an up-to-date approach. The hairstyle is now for women also, conveying a girlishness to the masculine appearance.

Cut up Shirts

cut-up-shirtThe Flash dance Look

The 1980’s romantic movie Flash dance presented the world with an entirely new ensemble that had us running with scissors to our closets after the credits rolled.  The film featured a simple grey sweatshirt with the neckline cut out of it. This off-the-shoulder look sparked an infatuation that would last a decade. The theatre bought the feeling back, in 2008 with the musical inspired by the 1983 box office hit. The modest yet sensual presence has reappeared in sleeker, more glamorous collections, modifying the look giving it an upscale vibe.

Shredded Tops

The punk underground tees started as a statement of rebellion giving off the idea that style was unique, not simply based on duplication. This fringed and defiance-encouraged idea is one of the foundational models of fashion today. This modern catwalk design continues to intrigue buyers and comes in the form of sweaters, blouses, and tank tops that are focused on idealizing the 80’s shredded movement.


The Wayfarer sunglasses, created by Ray Ban in the 1950’s, had a profound effect on the pop culture scene of the 80’s, when the Blues Brothers brought them back into the spotlight in 1981. This would deem the shades a favorite of Clydesdale celebrities for their ability to enhance the bad boy impression ignited by Ray Ban endorsing buff, James Dean. They began to show up as a prop in venerated teen movies and television sitcoms before dropping off the trend grid in the 90’s. Recently, Wayfarers have brought a swag appeal to the eclectic modes of today. Recently, Wayfarers have excited the modern generation of fad followers by bringing swag to eclectic modes of wear. From white to checkered frames, these furors complement the clothing and the face.

Skinny Jeans

skinny-jeansThe bands of the thrash metal era were super fans of the skinny jean experience. The look was expected to be close fitting and stone or acid washed. Ladies also loved the skintight feeling of these pants and favored the grey shades or the bright colors, complete with ankle zippers. Skinny jeans are back and famous as ever. The styles have grown in sophistication for women, to adapt to all jean-welcoming environments with contemporary solid denim shades. However, the designs for men have developed more bold appearances. Checkered and even flower patterns showing up on runways.

Bold Makeup

The Generation X period carried outlandish cosmetics that comprised of heavy applications of rainbow hues. Blush seemed to be drawn onto the cheekbones and eyeshades took names with the word “electric” in them, and covered the entirety of the upper eyelid.

This technique has been adopted by beauty gurus and transformed into flawless art. Bold colors are blended scientifically to match perfectly to bring brilliance to the facial zone. Even the spiciest colors can now be manipulated to show true and daring beauty.

In today’s world, experts have honed these 80’s comebacks to exhibit a revolutionary flawlessness to bring sex appeal and celeb glamour back to the future.

About Nina Wessels

began her career studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon graduating she had the opportunity to work in design for several influential designers. Nina finds inspiration in shapes, architecture and color.

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