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Benefits Of Having A Wireless Video Doorbell System for Your Home

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Wireless video doorbells are one of the best ways to secure home from various dangers of the world. Wireless video doorbells have become very advanced now-a-days. There are a bunch of modern techniques have been incorporated in the wireless video doorbells. 2 way intercom systems are one of the key features to the wireless doorbells. A video camera is included in the wireless video doorbells for the benefit of customers.

We are now going to discuss about benefits of wireless video doorbell. It is also important to know the difference between wireless video doorbells or video intercom doorbells and normal wireless doorbells.

Benefits of Wireless Video Doorbells

Browse live: Browsing live is one of the main features of the wireless video doorbells. Through this system, you can see who is standing outside the door. A handset is given in order to see the person standing outside the door. The camera installed in the doorbell records the video. Then it is transferred to the handset. You can take advantage of this system and prepare yourself to deal with any possible danger.

Have a chat with the visitor: It is another important feature of the wireless video doorbell. You can have a chat with the visitor even before opening the gate. 2-way-intercom systems enable you to speak with the person instead of only watching video of the person.

Get to know who is visiting your house while you’re out: Video intercom system has a digitized camera within the system. The image of the person is captured through the digital camera. If the person rings the doorbell, then automatically camera is activated and image is captured. These images are stored in the base. You can see these images when you come back in the house. In this way you will get to know who is visiting your house while you are out. In case of a robbery or theft, images of robbers are captured through the camera incorporated in wireless video doorbells.

Night Vision: Infrared camera is the latest technique in the market. Wireless video doorbell is enabled with infrared camera with infrared techniques. In this technique camera does not depend on external lights. The camera can easily capture images in low light. The user can easily see visitor at night.

Keep a close watch: It is important to secure your home. Now-a-day all the members of the house go out for work. In this situation you can keep a close watch on the visitor through the wireless video doorbells. You can keep a track of guest and visitors in your house. You will feel safe with the help of this system. This surveillance system will keep you safe from minor safety issues.

There are various wireless video doorbells in the market. You can find 5 of the best video intercoms we reviewed before. They are:

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

skybell wifi doorbellAmazon-in-stock

The Skybell video doorbell is currently the best wifi video doorbell system you can get for your home. Whenever you receive a visitor who presses the doorbell, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. Its has apps for both iOS and android. You may speak to your visitor as it is a two way communication system. There is a built in motion sensor so you may be alerted even if the person does not ring your bell. Now you may talk to visitors even when you are not at home and monitor who is at your door step without even being there with the Skybell Wifi Video doorbell that comes in black and silver.

Optex iVision Wireless 2-Way Video Door Intercom System

optex Amazon-in-stock

Optex iVision wireless 2-way Video Door intercom system is one of the leading brands in the market. The 2-way intercom has 2.25” LCD color monitor. The camera can capture images within 300 ft. live browsing feature is available in this intercom system. The camera can store 163 images at one time. The camera is activated when doorbell is pressed.

KEEDOX® 7″ TFT LCD Wireless Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System with IR Camera Rainproof

keedox Amazon-in-stock

It has 7” color TFT LCD camera with 2.4 GHz frequency that enables the user to have a stable signal. It also helps in the transmission of the video. This system can be installed very quickly. The user can get a surveillance of about 30 meters. 6 infrared cameras are installed in the wireless video doorbells. It has a high definition visibility with adjustable volume and brightness. The hand free intercom system has an inbuilt microphone, electric lock, speaker, auto and manual photo shooting. It is made of aluminum. It is water proof. It is very easy to relocate.

SVAT VIS300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System with 7″ LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera

SVAT Amazon-in-stock

It is a very easy to install this system. The video recording comes with good audio quality. It is a hand free operation. It gives you a 24 hour protection with night vision facility. It also gives you a facility to lock a door with a single button.

These are various benefits and quality of wireless video doorbells. You have to install this system in order to secure your home from intruders.

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