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Best Porch Swing Reviews – Buyers Guide 2017

Are you searching for a porch swing or an outdoor hanging chair? Porch swings can be the best as it comes in countless designs and we will show you how to choose the best among the best. Patio swings are traditionally made from wood and can fit up to three people at a time with armrests at the ends. They be ceiling hung in covered porches and so they are also known as porch swings.

There are multiple variants of swings from classic wooden ones to canopy ones. Everything you would want to know about these swings will be covered in detail in the following sections. What are the criteria and what sizes and price ranges they come in? Below is a tabled summary of patio swings and swing accessories if you would like a quick browse. The finer details come after the table, so keep on reading to know more about them.

ModelNameWeight Limit (lbs)Price
Mainstays 3 Seat Porch & Patio Swing750Check Price
Highwood Lehigh Porch Swing 4 feet500Check Price
4' Natural Cedar Porch Swing550Check Price
Outsunny Covered Patio Swing Bench with Frame800Check Price
Outsunny 50" Outdoor Steel Patio Swing Glider Bench400Check Price
Abba Patio 3 Seat Outdoor Canopy Porch Swing Hammock with Steel Frame and Adjustable Canopy750Check Price

#1 – Editor’s Choice – Mainstays 3 Seat Porch & Patio Swing, Tan

The Mainstays 3 Seat Porch & Patio Swing can sit up to 3 adults comfortably with a weight limit of 750 lbs. What makes this our choice is that it can be converted into a swing bed easily. Besides that, It come with an adjustable canopy for optimal shade coverage and removable cushions. The frame is made from powder coated steel give it long lasting and stable reliability. Upholstery and fills are made from polyester to ensure optimal support and resist fading/discoloration in all weather.


Porch Swing? What is it?

Porch swing are known by many names. Among them are porch gliders, porch chairs and patio swings. They are usually placed on porches. They may be suspended or free standing depending on your choice and porch design.

Types of Porch Swings

How often do you realize that most of the time when you were glancing through photos, you somewhat frequently come across pictures that are taken on the front porch of houses. It truly shows what the person sees as a home and would always be a distinct memory. That swing out there will always be a reminder of what a porch would be. Below are the types of swings and a picture of it.

Freestanding Swings

Some porches that are too small or with ceilings too high would be better fitted with a freestanding swing. They usually come with an A-frame stand. The true advantage from this type of swing is its portability. It can easily be moved within the porch area or even to the yard. Some come with a canopy cover to block the sun and rain.


Hammocks are versatile. They can be placed between two trees or even anywhere if it is equipped to a freestanding frame. It can be made from many types of material and padding is optional depending on the design. One significant advantage is that it can be easily kept in storage when not needed. Its portability also makes it very useful should you go on a camping trip or even a quick nap at the beach.

Hanging Swings

This is so far the best looking swing for a porch. However, the portability is limited. There should be enough clearance around the swing area and a suitable ceiling or beam to suspend it from. It can be suspended via ropes or chains. It will be the most joyful way to spend time at the porch.


Gliders are like benches and it is another type of porch swing. It needs a stationary frame to support the chair usually at the bottom. This is another type that is extremely portable and can be a good choice for porches with limited space. It might look like an ordinary bench but how surprised would your guest be when it suddenly glides! The motion is similar to a swing and it is a good alternative for replacement.

Swing Bed

A swing bed’s design is similar to a normal porch swing but it is a bed suspended instead of a chair. It can come with a freestanding frame or it can also be suspended from the ceiling.

Criteria To Consider When Looking For A Porch Swing

Dimensions – The dimensions greatly depends on the size of your porch. Early planning of the layout of your porch is important so that you can choose the right size. As a general rule, patio swings should accommodate 2 to 3 people at a time. Make sure that the seat is a little bit wider as support is extremely important although it might cost a bit more. It will also give you a more snug feeling when lying down alone in a model made for 2 or 3 people. For free standing variants, the base must be wide enough to provide stability. Suspended swings on the other hand need a ceiling or beam high enough for it to hang from.

Material – Wood is an easy choice if you are traditional and prefer a classic look that will not easily go out of style. Most of the variants are usually made from a variety of wood namely ash, cedar, teak, pine, maple, cypress and oak. Modern swings are pre-treated with sealants to keep it waterproof. These sealants give a certain look to them. Some will look glossy, while some others might look matte. More importantly, sealants protect the wood from water damage. The weight of the swing heavily depends on the type of wood used and how dense it is.  Denser wood will result in a heavier swing which in turn will pose more stress on your porch.

Durability – The next important criteria is the one that most people consider the quality of the item. You do not buy a porch swing to use it for 1 year. You expect that it will last at least 10 years under harsh weather conditions be it snow or rainfall. The best porch swing is made from grade A fine wood and fabric that can easily withstand the weather and also the wear and tear of everyday use. Both metal or wood are good choices but the wood variants should preferably be coated with sealant as described earlier. Please check carefully before committing to a purchase.

Comfort – This might be the most important to consider. What good would it be if it gives you back aches and uncomfortable seating? Be it any type of chair, the ergonomics should be there. There are 2 parts of comfort to patio swing buyers. First is the seat which can just be wood  or metal mesh. The spacing of the mesh should be about 1 to 2 inches and the size of the columns must be thick. Some variants come with attached fabric and some might be removable. For removable ones, you can always change the type of cushion to suit your taste. This also offers more flexibility to choose you own design and style of fabric.

Budget – A porch swing is pretty much an affordable item. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it to get one. These items prices typically range around $100 to $300 even if it is from a reputed brand. Cheaper variants do exist but you might one to skip those options due to the quality and durability of their products. On the other hand there are higher end swings that has better durability and larger in size but the normal ones would suffice as it is only for personal use.

You will need to find the perfect balance between price and quality. If you do not plan to purchase a new swing every few years, it makes so much more sense to shelve out a more significant one time investment. This is especially true if you do plan to use your porch bench extensively and want it to last for years and years to come.

Style – As in the previous section, there are many style for porch benches. Their design and multiple variants make them a hugely popular choice. Wood, metal, with fabric, without fabric, slanted, large seat and canopy are some of the options that are available. The style should be in line with your taste, requirements, porch design and size of the area it will be put in.

Best Porch Swings Choices

#2 Choice – Highwood Lehigh Porch Swing 4 feet

Highwood’s patio swing ranks second in our top picks. The main feature is the material that it is made out of. Recycled plastic is used in manufacturing it, making it extremely environment friendly. It comes in multiple colors with 4 feet or 5 feet length. It can handle up to 500 lbs and can  sit 2 or 3 average sized adults with no problems.

The construction and accessories including chains are made from stainless steel which eliminates any chance of fading out or staining. It can easily be cleaned and maintained. The manufacturer is offering a 12-year residential warranty making this a good choice if you are looking for a long lasting product. Some simple assembly is required. The price is a little steep but well worth it.

Key Features: made from recycled plastic

Pros: +fade resistant, +rot resistant, +no painting & staining required

Cons: -pricey

#3 Choice – 4′ Natural Cedar Porch Swing

This porch swing is made from Western Red Cedar which is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect damage. It is also known for its lightweight strength, long natural life and low warping properties.  You will need to apply the finish on your own which is great if you would like to style it yourself. Stain is a better choice compared to paint as it wont peel and chip. However, you can also leave it natural. A finish is recommended to keep it waterproof. It comes with springs and enough chain for a 8′ porch.

It can seat 2 average sized adults with contour seating. The edges are routered for rounded smoothness and the clear span slats are planed. The seating capacity is 550 lbs.  Some assembly might be required.

Key Features: made from western red cedar

Pros: +decay resistant, +rot resistant, +insect resistant, +cheap

Cons: -wood is unfinished

#4 Choice – Outsunny Covered Patio Swing Bench with Frame

Sit comfortably with your friends in the beautiful weather and relax on this Outsunny three person swing. The frame is made from durable power-coated steel with water resistant polyester canopy for extra shade. Incredibly comfortable seating can be achieved using the curved seating angle and armrests at the ends ensuring you no stress sitting for hours.

The weight capacity is an astounding 800lbs making it the sturdiest swing of our choice.

Key Features: polyester canopy and seat

Pros: +canopy shade included, +weather resistant, +curved sea

Cons: -pricey

#5 Choice – Outsunny 50″ Outdoor Steel Patio Swing Glider Bench

Outsunny has developed many products to fit customer’s needs while providing comfort. If you don’t have the space nor the budget but absolutely want a patio swing, then, this porch glider is made for you. It is easy to place in your porch and easy to move around. It does not look fancy but it does everything a porch swing does. The seats and back are ventilated providing comfort and the sturdy back and base gives it high stability.

The product does not need any assembly. All you need to do is purchase and put it where you want. Voila! Instant solution. It can handle up to 400 lbs and can sit 2 people. Better yet, this is the cheapest one out of all the options here.

Key Features: comes fully assembled

Pros: +no assembly, +portable, +user friendly, +cheap

Cons: -not really a swing 🙁

#6 Choice – Abba Patio 3 Seat Outdoor Canopy Porch Swing Hammock with Steel Frame and Adjustable Canopy

This is the ultimate patio swing with all the best features and as such comes at a higher price. If you want an all in option, this is what you want to get. The most beautiful and elegant of them all. With a rock solid sturdy base, an adjustable canopy and removable polyester fabric cushions, this swing is the champion. The steel is powder coated and has a weight limit of up to 750 lbs comfortably seating 3 adults.

It comes with two attached side tables for a convenient place to put your drinks or reading material.

Key Features: beautiful and elegant

Pros: +removable polyester seats, +adjustable canopy

Cons: -expensive


If you want freedom and a suitable place, there is no question that a porch bench or patio swing is the right fit for you. It is wide enough to seat 2 or 3 adults easily on a cool summer night. If there is enough space, you can even lie down and leisurely spend your time on the swing. Currently, there are a lot of options available on the market to choose from and you don’t even need a porch to put it in. A garden would do! Don’t limit your imagination to where to place it. Some home owners even hang them indoors. Imagine that! With all the uses of a patio swing it will make a great addition to your home.

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