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Body Shaping Techniques to Prepare You for Wedding Bliss

For most, getting married runs parallel to other life-changing events such as birth and graduation. It is a special moment in time, when two people come together and declare a promise to love one another forever. This day celebrates the future and family growth. It also represents what we all want to be; a perfect and happy couple devoted to each other. This blissful moment also revolves around the bride. She is the special and chosen one, to help lead a family.

As a bride, it is expected that you look stunning in princess attire (typically white) and blushed cheeks. These expectations have a tendency to make a girl worry whether she is in good shape for this display. These body-shaping techniques will have you prepared for wedding bliss in no time.

#1 Eating Healthier… Now

In those weeks before the big day, getting into shape can be nerve-wracking and isometrics alone will not suffice. You will have to reduce your calorie intake if you want to define those arms and melt away any signs of love handles. Instead of conjuring up some intricate monthly meal plan, stick with these simple dietary tips:

  • Drink lots of water.  Water is considered a filler, which is a low calorie food or liquid that makes you feel full, but has no significant effect on your diet. Since water contain zero calories, it is best used for this purpose. In addition, water plays an important role in proper digestion, muscle toning, burning fat, and absorbing required nutrients.
  • Eat Smaller Portions. Moderating the size of your portions will automatically decrease calories and stabilize blood sugar levels. It will also keep your metabolism from plummeting, which will leave you fatigued and cranky. This is unbecoming of a beautiful bride-to-be. So, go with the recommended servings on packaged foods and only eat pre-portioned snacks. They are super convenient and you can indulge a bit without over doing it. Also, cook smaller dinners. Measure for those packaged servings, and make only enough for you to eat, without seconds.
  • Do not drink alcohol until you are wearing the white dress. It is important to can the booze until your wedding day because it can block you from looking your best. It stops the body from burning the stored fat in the body, which slows weight loss. It also irritates the lining of the stomach and causes it to swell. This gives you that bloated look in the belly region and set you back on results.

 A Note About Eating

Do not skimp on your wedding meal, you will need the energy to make it through all the ceremonial rituals and the dancing.

#2 Get in Some Cardio                                                                                


Walking is all kinds of perfect for getting in shape. In general, this exercise reduces the risks of developing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It relieves stress (wedding jitters) and burns just as many calories as jogging, without all the intensity. Walking also boosts your metabolism, which will help reduce your appetite. After you get married, try to continue this workout. It will help to keep the weight off.

Jump Rope

If you are into the intense workout, jumping rope is the gig for you. It develops coordination, which is the balanced movement of the body in an organized motion. It also quickens the movement of the hands and feet. This simple yet powerful workout can burn up to a whopping 20 calories per minute. That equals out to 1,200 calories per hour, if you stay at a rapid jump pace. However, you must develop you endurance. Begin this workout by jumping for 1 minute, then take a 3-minute break and try another minute. Be sure also to hydrate and pay attention to your body if it grows tired. It knows best.

#3 Light Weights

Wedding dresses highlight the upper body with plunging necklines or halter and strapless styles. For this, it would be ideal for you to tone up. Common problems for most women are out of shape upper arms. When the biceps and triceps are not worked enough, your arms may begin to look flabby or, in severe cases, winged. Another problem area is the back. Sometimes weight gain will show in the upper and middle back, in the form of “rolls” or layers. You can slenderize these areas, with persistence. Grab a couple of low weight barbells (the five pounders should work). If you cannot get actual free weights, two bottles of water are the perfect substitutes. Here are some workouts that will tighten and tone in time for the Bridal Chorus:

Bent Over Dumbbells Row

This simple rowing motion targets the back muscles and even works the biceps.  While you are bent over, keep your back straight and your head down. You can enhance this exercise using a barbell.

Triceps Press

Holding your dumbbell (at one end) straight over your head with both hands. Then bend the elbows to lower the weight behind the head and slowly lift it again. Be sure not to lock the elbows when you straighten them. This tones up the triceps and gets rid of the flapping wings. Throw in an exercise ball for an instant core resistance workout that increases balance and posture, while shaping the arms.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are just like regular curls only you keep the palms facing the body. You will feel the burn in your forearms in addition to the biceps. This will give your arm the contour that will add elegance to your toned look.

A Note About Reps:

The reps for any weight activity to tone average out to be 12 to 15 per set. If you want to see better results, gradually increase to three sets. Remember, over exerting the muscle can cause it to strain.

Walk down the aisle in the best shape of your life with these body-sculpting methods.

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