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Choosing The Best Bathroom Scale For Your Home 2017

The complete guide on which is the best bathroom scale for you home that includes a comparison table of all the best digital bathroom scales and normal bathroom scales in a complete review. The bathroom scale reviews  also lists best weight scale for women and for men.

When most consumers decide to buy a weight scale, they have one purpose in mind. They hope to monitor and follow their weight with accuracy. However, when time to choose a bathroom scale, it is easy to be overwhelmed by store shelves or the many offerings of an online marketplace. While it is nice to have some variety when shopping, choosing the right scale for your own personal needs can be quite a daunting task.

Many wonder if they should consider the body fat calculator or a bathroom scale which is capable of other languages such as Spanish while others wonder if the solar powered unit would be the best choice for convenience. A few will opt for a scale that gives large, easy to read results while the old fashioned consumers would forgo modern technologies completely and select a trusty analog dial.

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The best way to choose the best bathroom scales for your home is to consider each style and type. Knowing which features are available for each type will help in making a decision that you can live with. After all, a bathroom scale is an item that will be used on a daily basis… or at least that is the plan.  Here is a list of each type of scale available today and what they have to offer.  This should help with your decision making.

Analog Scales

Analog scales offer the easiest way to measure your weight quickly and accurately in the comfort of your home. These are also referred to as mechanical scales. These scales operate thanks to a spring mechanism which means batteries are not required. Also, these scales feature plenty of room for one’s feet and larger dials that are easy to read. These scales are widely available in discount and retail stores such as Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, and Ikea. They are plain and simple and this is reflected in the price. There are no body-fat calculations. Some reviews suggest accuracy may also be an issue.

Digital Scales

Some Digital scales will measure only body weight and are very similar to analog scales because of their simplicity but offer a lot better accuracy. Many digital scales are battery operated and because they are relatively inexpensive, it is also easy to find one in stores or online. Some digital models have great memory capabilities and can store up to 10 prior weight readings. The only downfall to digital scales is the need for batteries but there are several models available which are solar powered.

High Tech Scales

High tech scales tell us much more about our body composition than analog or digital scales can. Many high tech models have the ability to calculate body fat using an electric pulse that can distinguish between fat and muscle. These body fat measurements are useful tools for tracking changes between weigh-ins but are not always entirely accurate. Other weight scales such as Withings Wireless Scale and Smart Body Analyzer are WiFi or Bluetooth capable so customers can sync to smart phones or tablets. This provides instant updates to digital weight and BMI records. In addition, there are talking scales such as Royal Tel-Weight’s bilingual scale which is useful for those who are visually impaired.

High Capacity Scales

High capacity scales work to provide an alternative for those who weigh more than what a basic scale can handle. Most basic bathroom scales top out at 350 pounds but EatSmart offers an extra wide bathroom scale which can accommodate up to 440 pounds. Medical scales can accommodate up to 800 pounds, and even a wheelchair, but they cost more than the average person can spend on a weight scale.

Design Minded Scales

Design minded scales are designed to match the color and style of your bathroom. Conair makes an innovative digital scale using beautiful teakwood panels while Beurer has a mirrored model. More options include a bedazzled or bamboo digital scale which means there is a design to fit every person’s unique tastes.

Important Features of the Best Bathroom Scale

For various reasons, not all bathroom scales are as accurate. Let us look at features and characteristics to help choose an accurate bathroom scale for your home.

Weight Capacity

An important feature to note is that scales are not accurate if the owner weighs more than the maximum capacity of their bathroom scales. Most scales top out at anywhere from 330 to 400 pounds and the amounts are usually related to price. Scales costing less than $25 will normally have a full capacity of 330 pounds. If your weight exceeds 300 pounds, always check the box or product description before making a purchase. You should be able to stand on your bathroom scales normally.

Pound Increments

Some Bathroom scales offer more distinct increments which allow for maximum accuracy. Customers would do well to find an analog scale with a sizeable gauge and increment markings or a digital model that will show a fraction of one pound. Most bathroom scales show to the nearest 1/5th while a few others are accurate to the nearest 1/10th, 1/4th, or ½ pound.

Product Quality

Regardless of features, a good bathroom scale must offer quality and remain consistently accurate. Investigating online reviews of individual scales is usually the best way to decide if they are accurate.

What to Consider When Buying Secondhand Scales

Secondhand bathroom scales are not a good choice for consumers as these sets are more likely to have mechanical issues. There are a few advantages such as being able to try before buying and of course, cost. Getting a bathroom scale may provide the opportunity to buy a higher quality scale at much lower pricing.


Upon purchasing your bathroom scale, it is important to make sure the item is accurate. Weigh yourself a few times to make sure the same weight is offered each time. Another way to check for accuracy is to weigh objects of which you already know the weight such as dry goods from the pantry. Bathroom scales which do not work correctly or are not accurate should be replaced.

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  1. I appreciate your tip on checking your bathroom scale when you buy it. I imagine that if you test it out a few times you will be able to see if your balance is functioning properly. My wife and I are looking into getting a new scale, when we do we’ll be sure to test it once we buy it.

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