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Design Ideas To Make The Most Of A Tiny Bathroom

A very small bathroom can be difficult to decorate. With a bath/shower, sink unit and toilet, there can be very little room for storage or decorative features. Clever storage solutions can make the most of a small space and many designers have created imaginative ways to use often ignored spaces for storage.

Here we will explore some tricks and techniques which anyone can implement to make their tiny bathroom feel and appear less cramped. One of the best, and simplest, ways to achieve this is to create the illusion of space.

Add Light

This might be one of the most important tips in this article so take note. More light immediately makes a room feel bigger and airier and there are many ways to make this happen. Even if you think you’ve already made the room as bright as you can there might be more you can.

add-light-small-bathroomThe first, and most obvious, method is to paint or decorate the room in light colors. Light walls and ceilings immediately make a room look bigger and brighter so this should be the first step wherever possible. If you prefer bright or bold colors perhaps you could limit them to one wall or introduce them in accessories that complement the lighter shades elsewhere.

No matter how light the walls, if the light in the room is low or poor quality it will still appear poky and small. Make the most of any window space by decluttering. Use light curtains or blinds and never use the window ledge as a shelf for bottles and jars. Extra lighting can be added in several ways, including behind or around mirrors and cabinets. These extra light sources can be pretty features in a well-designed bathroom.

Once the sources of light are established it is worth giving some thought to the effect of the available light. Reflective surfaces can make a huge difference if the light is limited. Larger than usual mirrors will add to the effect, as will the introduction of other mirrored decorative features around the room.

Use of Space

usage-of space-in small-bathrommA tiny bathroom often seems short of storage space. It is important to address this effectively as inadequate storage will lead to cluttered surfaces and make the room appear even more cramped.

There are many ways to address this and, depending on the dimensions of the room, a shopping trip to a furniture store will provide plenty of ideas. Custom made units can be bought and installed or, if you have the time and skills, created yourself.

Some great examples of clever bathroom storage include: adding shelving space under the sink by adding a cupboard unit around the pipework; tiny corner cupboards that appear bigger on the inside; adding a bathroom cabinet with a mirrored front or adding in a couple of small shelves where space permits rather than making the space for a cabinet.

Not everyone will have the time, skills or inclination to get out the saw and hammers and start customizing a bathroom themselves and getting a designer to do the work for you is an expense that most people would rather avoid. But a few simple changes, that anyone can implement, really can make a huge difference.

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Ryley is an interior home decorator with a few years of experience in feng shui lifestyle. She is a co-author for several publications, focusing on interior design ideas. She loves swimming and traveling in her free time.

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