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Eatsmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

As people are quickly becoming more and more weight conscious with each day, weighing scales have become a crucial addition to bathrooms. As the market is flooded with a wide of array of weight scales, people are often left wondering which is the best set of bathroom scales to purchase. To get a consistent and accurate reading of your body weight, a digital scale is recommended, specifically, the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale.

Overview: This digital weight scale is not only easy to use but it is also the epitome of accuracy. This weight scale has been engineered to the highest of precision standards in order to guarantee quick and accurate results as soon as your step foot upon this device. The accuracy can be thanked to the EatSmart Precision sensors which provide you with your weight down to the nearest .2 lbs., or .1kg and that has been guaranteed.

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Size & Design: While many bathroom accessories are bulky and take up quite a bit of important space, this digital weight scale is compact and can make its home in even the smallest of bathrooms (or any room) as it measures 12 x 12.5 x 1.8 inches and weighs 4.6 pounds.

This weight machine is beautifully modern in design and construction as it is crafted with slim, tempered glass which is also extremely durable. A glorious silver finish completes the look of this magnificent, weighing scale. Additionally, the non-slip platform allows for safety when use and is compatible for weights up to 400 pounds 0r 180 kgs.

LCD Display: The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale showcases a revolutionary, accubright LCD Display. The display is enhanced with a cool, blue backlight which allows for easy viewing in even the lowest light inside of your home or bathroom. The large print, digital numbers are easily visible compared to old fashioned or grocery store scales which boast dull, printed numbers that are often times hard to read. It can also provide results in two measurement modes including pounds and kilos. The LCD screen is a modern advantage of bathroom scales which makes this digital weight scale one to be desired.

Step-On Technology: An upscale feature of this digital bathroom scale is surely the proclaimed, Step-On technology. This feature allows you to simply step upon the scale whenever you would like and will instantly provide you with your accurate weight. The advantage of Step-On Technology means that you will no longer have to tap the scale in order to turn it on. Getting your weight is now as easy as just stepping on the scale.

Accuracy: When it comes to picking out the best bathroom scale, accuracy is a must which is why this EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is a sure bet. This digital bathroom scale features not only one, but four EatSmart Precision sensors which work together to ensure consistent and accurate measurement whenever your step foot upon this weight machine.

Accuracy is crucial when it comes to monitoring your progress when trying to lose weight. The lack of proper results can guide your off track from the progress that you are attempting to male. With short and long term weight tracking capabilities, this is a good weight scale for women and men due to its accurate weight measurement, every time.

Power: A major downfall of any digital scales is that they run off a power cord which takes up space and is typically very inconvenient because the user will then have to find an open outlet to plug in their scale. The Eatsmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale runs off of only four AAA batteries making it easy for your to not only save money off of your power bill but also place the scale wherever you would like in your home without the hassle of searching for an outlet.

Included Items: In addition to the weighing scale, you will also receive an easy to read instruction booklet and guide which will thoroughly explain to your how to use the scale and take advantage of all of its extraordinary features. The necessary four AAA batteries come included as well so you can begin using your scale right away.

 Additionally, owners will also receive a free EatSmart Body Tape Measure. This tape measure can be used on any spot of the body including your waist, biceps, calves, chest, thighs and more. This makes it easy for you to quickly and easily track and monitor all of the progress that you are making, in addition to your weight.

Warranty: The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale comes included with a two year warranty. This guarantees that if there is the unlikely occurrence that something goes wrong with the scale, that they will cover it without hassle or stress to the owner as customer satisfaction is EatSmart’s highest priority.

 Conclusion: Picking out a digital bathroom scale should not have to be a hard decision which is why the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale provides users with all of the features and specifications they need to be successful and get the results they desire.

The compact size and modern design of this weight scale only flatter the accuracy in which it provides every time you step upon its tempered glass structure. With its easy to use and easy to read qualities, this digital bathroom scale makes a great addition to the home of anyone who is concerned about knowing their weight.

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