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Enjoy the Many Bangkok Attractions

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is also the most populous city in the country. Aside from being the capital city, Bangkok is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in this country, as in the world alike, due to its amazing attractions and its culture and traditions as well. The tourist attractions of Bangkok include temples, palaces, museums, markets and archaeological sites. But these attractions are not the only things which draw the attention of visitors to this beautiful city. Bangkok has a special charm which tourists love. People are also attracted to Bangkok due to the many unique traditions upheld and palate pleasing cuisines.

City Pillar Shrine: Bangkok

One of the many attractions in Bangkok is the City Pillar Shrine. This shrine has an importance based on the Siamese belief which said that a new city needs a pillar to serve as a symbol of stability regarding the city’s power. The first City Pillar was erected by King Rama I on 21st of April, 1782. The pillar was made of cassia wood and gilded with gold leaves, measuring 187 inches in height and 11.4 inches in diameter. When King Rama IV reigned, he replaced the first City Pillar with the actual one, which was made of cassia wood and gilded with gold leaves just as the first one, but with new measurements: 107 inches in height and 70 inches in diameter.

Grand Palace Complex: Bangkok

The Grand Palace Complex is also a very beautiful and important attraction in Bangkok. It is a complex group of palatial buildings built in the heart of Bangkok to serve as the official residence for the Kings of Siam. The Grand Palace Complex is one of the most popular attractions in Bangkok. It is made by a multitude of buildings, halls and pavilions which are set around open lawns, courtyards, and gardens. Today, a part of the Grand Palace Complex is used as a museum that is open to public, but part of these buildings still operate as a working palace, as there are several royal offices situated inside.

The Temple of Emerald Buddha: Bangkok

Bangkok is home for more than 400 temples, many of which are important tourist attractions. The Temple of Emerald Buddha has its placement within the Grand Palace Complex grounds and is one of the most visited temples in Bangkok. This temple houses an Emerald Buddha which has been carved into a block of jade, with a height of 66 cm. The Temple of Emerald Buddha presents an art gallery that is the length of two kilometers where the story of Ramayana is told in 178 scenes of mural paintings.

The Temple of Reclining Buddha: Bangkok

The Temple of Reclining Buddha is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok and it is also one of the oldest and largest temples of this kind in the city. Its main attraction is the image of Buddha which reaches a height of fifteen meter and a length of forty-three meters. The image of Buddha is covered with gold leaf. This temple is situated next to the Grand Palace and beside the grand image of Buddha, and it contains one thousand images of Buddha, as well as other images which are representative of Buddhism.

The Giant Swing: Bangkok

The Giant Swing is another important point of attraction in Bangkok and is also a very important religious structure. The Giant Swing is twenty-one meters in height and is built from teakwood that is maroon in color. In its beginning, the Giant Swing served as a Brahman rite in which the priests would swing themselves to pay homage to Shiva God. This rite was to celebrate the Shiva God’s annual visit to Earth.

Jim Thompson’s House: Bangkok

Jim Thompson’s House in Bangkok is a museum which presents Thai art and architecture. Nowadays, Jim Thompson is a brand in Bangkok which extends to an art center, a souvenir boutique, a restaurant, and a café.

Bangkok National Museum: Bangkok

Bangkok’s well known tourist destinations also include a wide range of museums which present the many wonderful details of Thailand’s culture and its unique heritage. One of the museums in Bangkok is the Bangkok National Museum, which owns the largest collection of Thai art pieces and artifacts in all of Thailand.

Museum of Buddhism Art: Bangkok

Another very important museum in Bangkok is the Museum of Buddhism Art, a place where visitors can admire a collection of Buddha images and artifacts related to the Buddhism faith.

The Bank of Thailand Museum: Bangkok

The Bank of Thailand Museum is another tourist attraction among Bangkok’s Museums. It presents the story of Thailand’s monetary system and many historical facts. The Museum contains fourteen chambers which takes the visitors into a story about the local exchange system. Visitors can view a precious collection containing ancient coins, banknotes, and many important old photographs.

Parks and Recreation: Bangkok

Although Bangkok is a very well developed city where visitors can see skyscrapers and malls surrounded by pollution and intense traffic, it also provides its locals and visitors some lovely green places with fresh, clean air. These are many parks in Bangkok which are scattered around the city to offer beauty and healthy air. These parks also allow visitors the opportunity to try some outdoor activities by providing them with sport facilities such as a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a football pitch, as football is highly followed and adored in Bangkok.

These are just a small representation of Bangkok’s many attractions as there are plenty of other beautiful and interesting places to visit. Bangkok is a truly wonderful city which is well worth visiting.

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