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Essential Accessories for the Winter – Men’s Fashion

Do you want to make a fashion statement this winter? This is something that is definitely possible if you purchase the right winter essentials. There are many men who do not own the essentials and this is the reason why they lack in fashion during this season. Investing money into the winter essentials is something that is worth it because the items that you buy will stay in style for a couple of years. You will be able to repeat your winter clothing for the years to come. Winter clothing has been explained in detail below for those who are confused about what they should buy this season.

Essential Accessories:


Proper Overcoat

The coat that you purchased in September will be suitable for the winter. You should purchase a proper undercoat that you can wear over your suit. Also, this coat should be casual enough to be worn on the weekends while shopping or hanging out with friends. Search for a wool, cashmere hair, or any cashmere overcoat that will help you look modern and stylish this season. Tip: The overcoat should hit above your knees and this is the key to maintaining that stylish look.



If the elements that you are wearing do not go well with the overcoat, then you should invest in a parka. Purchase a color that is dark, unless you reside on a white-out territory. Tip: The parka should be longer that the jacket of your suit. This way you will be able to look casual and professional all at the same time.


Scarf – Match with all Elements

The cashmere scarf that you have in your closet may be your absolute favorite, but it is something that you should avoid this winter. Try out simple scarves that are made from wool and are double-colored. These scarves are in fashion and try to buy the color scarf that will look good with many of your outfits.


Smart Layering

You should forget about the waffle knit thermals that you used to wear as a kid because there is no need for them this winter. You can find thin leggings and shirts. The thin layers are recommended because they will allow you to stay toasty and comfortable without making you look like you have gained 20 lbs overnight.



There is no need to wear the puffy monster gloves. You should opt for the gloves that are slim and allow you to move your fingers with ease. However, if your hands get very cold, you should opt for the cashmere gloves in order to cover and add extra warmth.


Hand Warmers

These are fantastic to carry around in your pocket during the winter. They are affordable and will allow you to combat the cold weather by protecting your hands when you are not equipped with gloves. They are activated by air and will keep your hands at an average temperature.



No need for Italian hiking boots this winter. They may look great, but you should opt for something that will protect your feet from the slushy weather. You should consider L.L Bean Boots because they consist of shear lining and are waterproof. These boots are great if you are trying to go for the urban look and they are quite affordable.


Knit Hat

You should understand that wearing a hat is important during the winter. You will lose 10 percent of the heat in your body if you do not wear one. Buy knit hats that are simple and do not have any logos on them. Simple and solid color hats that match your outfit will be perfect during winter.



Many men make the mistake of buying old fashioned and odd colored socks. You should always purchase socks that are solid in color during this season and make sure that you match the socks with the jeans or pants that you are wearing. Socks are essentials because when you sit down on the floor or sit crossed-legged your socks will be revealed to the people around you. Become sock conscious because every piece of clothing on your body depicts what kind of person you are.

Your fashion for each season says a lot about your personality and this is why you should keep your wardrobe updated at all times. These are the accessories that are a must have if you want to make a fashion statement and leave the people around you in awe. Make sure that you buy neutral colors like white, black, dark blue, and brown. Solid colors look the best during the winter, especially for men who work in the professional sector. The men essentials for winter 2013 can be found at affordable rates online or you can purchase them from your favorite stores.

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