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Foods That Boost Libido

Sex is one of the most gratifying and passionate activities in the world. Originally, the purpose of this intimate ritual was survival, but humans have found it useful for bonding emotionally while having fun. For the sexual process to work effectively, it will involve the libido, which is the sex drive, or the physiological (orgasmic) urge, emotions, and sensations involved with sex. As you age, the libido can slowly deplete, due to mid-life events such as menopause and loss of testosterone. Hormone replacement therapy or testosterone treatments are common alternatives for low libido; however, there is a more natural way. These foods can help to replace the nutrients that increase the libido, making way for more whoopi.


sexy-bananaThis aphrodisiac contains many special nutrients that get your fire burning such as the bromelain enzyme, also found in pineapple juice. Enzymes make the cells that sustain life. This one in particular aids in digestion by quickly breaking down proteins in your body. It also reverses impotence, a condition involving the inability to attain or keep an erection. Bananas also contain protein and B vitamins, more specifically vitamin B6. This B stimulates the androgenic gland, which is involved in the development of the male testes and tells them to make testosterone.


Watermelon is a great libido boosting food that operates as a natural male enhancer. This tasty and succulent fruit is packed with the amino acid, citrulline. On top of making needed proteins, it improves blood flow to the man region, by opening up the blood vessels and inducing erection. Just a few slices of watermelon gives you the same arousing results as popping a pill. Watermelon also contains oxytocin, a neuropeptide or a group of protein-like molecules that act as endorphins. This hormone induces labor, and effects human emotion. It is released from the hypothalamus during acts of intimate interaction such as cuddling and sex. Oxytocin is said to be the factor in the success of healthy relationships.


Once nicknamed the “testicle tree”, the avocado has lived up to its label not only by shape but also by its effects on the libido. Like bananas, avocados contain the B vitamins and proteins that get that sex hormone flowing in men and women. Menopause, which is the disruption of the menstruation cycle due to the weakening of ovarian function, lowers the libido, which effects the physical aspects of sexual enthusiasm such as vaginal lubrication. Avocados reduce the impact of menopause by stimulating the female thyroid gland, which leads to an increase in arousal in women.


These spices derive from clove evergreen trees that originated from Europe and Asia.  They are dynamic ingredients in spicing up your sex life. Cloves produce heat inside the body, which is great for warming you up in the cold of winter, which makes it a great survival food. However, heat is also a key factor in stimulating arousal, heightening skin sensitivity, and releasing endorphins into the body. Endorphins are proteins that, when released relieve pain and induce a natural high. This high gives you the blissful feelings of runner’s high and the serene state after an orgasm.


The romantic relationship between sex and chocolate is celebrated worldwide, hence the billions of dollars spent on the sweet every Valentine’s Day. This is because the phenyethylamine and theobromine included in chocolate give you feelings love. Phenyethylamine is a natural ingredient found in the cocoa bean, and stimulates the nervous system. As a result, there is an increase of sexual desire and function. Theobromine is a stimulant that is similar to caffeine and can perform as a mild anti-depressant by triggering the endorphins needed to calm anxiety and stress.


Asparagus is a potassium rich food (found also in bananas and watermelon) that contains high levels of B vitamin folate. This folic acid improves fertility and increases sperm count. It also triggers histamines, which regulate the flow of dopamine. Dopamine is the libido’s chemical messenger for arousal, located in the brain. Low levels of histamine are found to result in sexual dysfunction. Protein in asparagus along with the help of folate, increase histamine levels, surging the volume of the beloved orgasm.

Boosting the libido is vital in many areas of your life, from relationships to child rearing. Unfortunately, as you get older this can become a major issue in the bedroom and for overall health. Mid-life conditions such as menopause of low testosterone make arousal less obtainable, creating more stress, which makes the situation worse. These edible libido boosters contain all the right nutrients you need to improve your sex drive to bring back that loving feeling.

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Clara is a dietitian, nutritionist and professional speaker specializing in prevention and performance. She believes that a healthy life is synonymous consuming nutritious food.

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