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How To Choose A Body Fat Analyzer

Body fat content refers to the percent of fat which is stored within your body, compared to anything else including your organs, blood and other bodily fluids and tissues. A healthy body fat percentage for a man is around 24-31% while women should hold a body fat percentage of about 18-25%. Body fat is an essential part to the human body as it works to protect your internal organs and provides you the essential energy when it times of peril and more.

Due to the importance of body fat, many people are asking how they can calculate their body fat percentage. The best way to calculate your body fat index with reliable results is with a body fat analyzer. These electronic devices work by sending a subtle electrical charge through your body from the designated, contact points. As the charges works its way through your body it will measure the subcutaneous fluid under the skin, also known as fat. The margin of error is typically around two percent.

It is a good idea to have a body fat scale in your home in addition to your regular bathroom accessories and weight scales. There are typically two kinds of analyzers to choose from. The first is one that is held in your hands while the other is one that is stepped on like a scale. Both have similarities and differences, but ultimately the decision is based on the benefits that you believe that you could take from these two different forms of body fat analyzers.

Handheld Analyzer: When using a hand-held analyzer, your will probably need to answer an array of different questions such as your age, height, weight, gender and often times, your level of activity. The level of activity refers usually prompts you by asking if you consider yourself “normal” or “athlete.” An athlete is usually considered

Once the question has been answered, the analyzer is ready to be put to work! To start, you will place your hands firmly around the handles which are also known as galvanized electrodes. Your will then proceed to extends your arms, straight forward, away from you and press the star button. The electric current will then travel through one hand, down to the waist area and back up your body where it will then end up at the other hand holding the electrode. After that process which takes about seven seconds, your body fat percentage will appear on the screen.

Two of the most popular handheld analyzers include the Baseline Handheld Body Fat Analyzer and the Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor: Model HBF306C.

baseline-hand-held-body-fat Amazon-in-stock

  • Baseline Handheld Body Fat Analyzer – This devices grips with two hands and holds an eight person memory. The Baseline analyzer has the ability to measure 4% – 45% body fat and also, measure 37.8% – 6% body water. With both adult and children modes, this analyzer is both accurate and easy to use.

Omron-Body-Fat-Loss-Monitor-HBF306C Amazon-in-stock

  • Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor: Model HBF306C – With a nine person profile and a specially designed athlete mode, this analyzer provides accurate readings in a matter of seconds. Additional, it measures two crucial fitness indicators: body fat percentage and body mass index, as well. The gentle micro electrical current given off by this device is safe for people of all ages, including children.

Step On Analyzers – Just like handheld analyzers, with step on devices you will have to answers a few questions to ensure accurate results. Once you have answered all of the questions correctly, your will then place your feet on the designated electrodes.

Once your initiate the device to start, it will send a painless electric signal up one leg and it will move up to your waist and then proceed to travel down the opposite leg. This process takes only a couple of seconds and then the results will appear on the screen.

If you believe a step on analyzer is the best fit for your lifestyle, you should take into consideration the two following models: EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale and the Withings Smart Body Analyzer.

eatsmart-precision-getfit Amazon-in-stock

  • EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale – In addition to be a regular digital scale and weight scale, this device also has the ability to measure body fat and your body water percentage. The step-on technology provides instant readings without tapping to turn on and can be accredited to the bioelectrical impedance analysis which ensures accurate and quick results. With a large 3.5 LCD display, these weighing scales are easy to read for your convenience.

withings-ws-50-smart-body analyzer Amazon-in-stock

  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer  – By far the most revolutionary of its kind, this device syncs your weight, heart rate, fat composition and environment data to a free mobile app. The Withings scale masters your body’s weight and fat percentage so you can understand how your body works in order to make appropriate lifestyle changes. Measuring your heart rate, and body fat composition is as easy as stepping on this digital scale and will provide results in a matter of seconds.

Choosing between a handheld or step on analyzer relies on an array of different specifications. Such as the following:

  • Handheld analyzers typically only provide your body fat percentage. Yet, step on analyzers provide that and other information such as your weight, heart rate and more.
  • Step on analyzers are greater in price.
  • Both use a painless electric current to measure your body fat percentage.

In conclusion, the best body fat analyzer all depends on your personal preference. You should ask yourself if your need the extra features that step on analyzers provide or do you want to keep things simple? Either way, it is crucial to know your body fat percentage so you can get a better understanding of your overall health and well-being.

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