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How To Get That Brow Lift Naturally

When we age, the Glabella (forehead and brow area) may become less than impressive as it begins to fall. Eyelids sag, giving you that tired look and you begin to experience the appearance of gray and thinning of the brow hair. The hair also develops coarseness, which makes it unmanageable. Brows can buckle under the weight of a wrinkling forehead, or because of expansion of the area’s fatty tissue.

The lasting yet costly solution to this problem is to go out and have a cosmetic physician surgically lift the entire ridge zone and nip the extra skin. To the public, the idea is extreme, minus all housewives in Beverly Hills. The lift procedure may cause swelling, bruising, and draining, which may keep you out of the work and social circuits for weeks. Many people do not have time or funding available for such method. A natural solution to the matter is a brow defining procedure that will revitalize and boost the area in minutes, giving you back the fresh awakened look and getting that brow lift, naturally.


  • Tweezers – removes hair by plucking it from the skin.
  • Eye pencil or brow shadow – whichever you choose will be used to fill hair gaps in the eyebrow pattern and enhance your natural color.
  • Spoolie brush – small mascara style brush that adjusts or straightens the hair pattern of the brow, while blending in color, to keep an original look.
  • Concealer brush (angled) – used to apply concealer; the angle is for precision when following along under the eyebrow
  • Buttercream concealer – this concealer is great for light to medium tones. For other skin tones, use a color that illuminates the skin while staying in you color range.
  • Wheat or matte eye concealer – a light and no crease cover for the eyelid, to brighten.
  • White Eye pencil – defines naturally (and draws an awesome guideline).

Outline and Tweeze

outlineGrab that snazzy white pencil and sketch guide marks along your supercilia paths. It is a no smudge method of guidance for plucking and defining the brow. The most precise way do the framework is to locate the starting points. Measure and mark points for each corner lining up with the eye. Using a pair of angled tweezers, pluck the excess hair from around the eyebrows. There is no need to reshape them, for they typically have a natural curve. Also, be sure to pluck with the hair follicle pattern in order to avoid painful bumps.

Fill the Gaps

Selecting the correct color for your arches is simple if you correspond it to your hair shade. Most pencils and shadows have distinctive titles for easy coordinating such as blonde, brunette, and auburn. When in doubt, go with concealthe lighter shade. Whether you are using a pencil or shadow powder and angled brush, start from the inner most part of the brow. Using short upward strokes, fill the sparse areas. Once you have completed this step, use the spoolie to blend the marks, by brushing the brow from the inner eye outward, using an agile rubbing motion. This will soften the expression.

Cool Tips for filling:

  • Eye shadow is a perfect replacement for brow shadow. It is the same type of powder and gives you more colors to choose from.
  • Blondes: use a brow color that is a bit darker, to bring out those peepers.

Conceal and Glow

concealThe secret to achieving the “lifted” look is to use a concealer that has a pearl finish, meaning it illuminates the archway of the eye, giving it a mirror shine that conceals dropping skin more effectively. Dip the angled brush into the cream gathering a small amount onto the slanting tip. Starting just under the high area of the brow line, make light long streaks along the brow path. Buff the area with the brush until it is fully blended.


An optional but effective step in creating this youthful appearance is to apply a wheat colored concealer to the eyelids. It is important to choose a no crease formula. This is available in creams but you should set the base with a light powder as well, especially if you are going to smear on some shadow. Remember that the wheat color is for light and medium tones. You should always match your makeup to the appropriate tone for your skin.

Attaining that genuine brow lift appearance is easy using these uncomplicated steps. The process is affordable and simple without the post precedure bruising and has a natural finish.

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