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How To Pet Proof Your Home

Most people have the common misconception that they only need to ‘proof’ their home for children. While important as childproofing may be, believe it or not, pet-proofing is just as important. Whether you own a dog or cat, these furry little creatures are treasured members of your family and they deserve a safe sanctuary to live in.

Another benefit of pet-proofing your home is that your pet will have less outlets to make a mess of your furniture when they get in a bit of a curious mood. The best thing to do for yourself as well as your pet, is to take the time and do a little bit of pet-proofing.

The following tips can help ensure that your home is safe and ready for your four-legged family member to wander around both safely and happily.

Avoid Hazards

There are various cleaning products and items in your home that can be hazardous to your kitty or puppy. The first place that you should look is under your sink – A simple nod of their snout and your pet has complete access to all of the cleaners that you have stored away. Common cleaners and poisons such as pesticides, antifreeze, mothballs and fabric softener sheets can cause great harm to your pets.

There are many other items in your home that are poisonous to pets, some of them being: medications, cigarettes, coffee grounds, alcohol and chocolate. Even the smallest dose of these substances can cause vomiting, increased heart rate, diarrhea and sometimes even death.

The best thing to do is put a simple lock on your cabinets so your precious pet can not nudge their way in. Another option is to simply place these items in a top cabinet where it is virtually impossible for them to sneak their way in.

The Chewing Temptation

It is in the nature of dogs to chew on various items, even if it is on your favorite pair of shoes or phone charger. Instead of coming home disappointed to find that your pooch has chewed up the corner of your nightstand, it is time to take the proper precautions to ensure that this will not happen in the first place.

When it comes to furniture, spray a little bit of lemon or apple juice around the bottom. This will not harm or damage your furniture, but it will keep your pets from chewing on it because they are disgusted by the bitter flavor. There are several all-natural products that you can find at your local pet store that will do the trick as well.

Typically, dogs only chew on your items because they are bored! Do yourself the favor and spoil them just a little bit with various chew toys. While toys are fun and exciting, you can also simply keep any small items away from their reach so they can not be chewed and destroyed when you leave for work or turn your head.

The Scratch Solution

If you own a pet kitty, you know all about how they love to scratch! Cats usually scratch out of excitement, to exercise or to even mark their territory – And often times they may think your expensive sofa is in fact, their territory. The ultimate solution to this problem is to place double-stick tape on your prized upholstery because cats absolute HATE anything that latches onto their fur.

 You can also provide them with a place to release all of their scratching desires. Purchase a scratching post from a pet store and place it close to wherever they eat or sleep so they will scratch on this rather that your furniture. Another option would be to get a cat tree or cat condo.

Put A Lid On It

When a dog looks into your toilet bowl, he does not see a nasty germ-infested area with chemical residue, he sees a bucket full of thirst-quenching water that he can not wait to dig into. Yet, the chemicals that are lingering around your toilet bowl can leave your dog ill so keep the toilet lid down to prevent any accidents.

Happy Pets, Happy Life

While it may seem like your cat or dog is up to no good, it is only because they need a little bit of help to keep from getting into mischief. The previously listed pet-proofing tips allow you to keep your belongings safe and more importantly, your pets. 

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