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Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell – An Award Winning Design

jacob-jensen-wireless-doorbellWhen choosing the best wireless doorbell that you can use in your house you must consider several factors like variety of chime sounds, volume settings and range of the doorbell. It is really a mystery that people are ready to disburse extra bucks on something, when that thing can be purchased at a much lesser price. Everybody wants to know that why these expensive products are in demand when cheaper alternatives can be purchased. In this article, we will study the reasons for such behavior when it comes to popular wireless doorbells. You must have heard about the popularity of wireless doorbells from Jacob Jensen. We will scrutinize the various aspects of this doorbell and find out whether it justifies itself. This doorbell will be tested through various parameters that are considered before purchasing a doorbell. This will help you to have a clear idea about this “Premium” wireless doorbell.

The décor and design

In the department of décor and design, the wireless doorbells from Jacob Jensen scores heavily. Jacob Jensen is an award winning, renowned and well-admired designer group. This doorbell can easily be included in the top ten decorative wireless doorbells that can make your house more attractive. This device exhibits great work of artistry and will definitely be liked by many. This device has a simple and contemporary design that can attract the attention of all. Small illuminating lights are found on both the push bell and the chime. The usefulness of the illuminating lights lies in the fact that the notifications can be seen when the chime is kept in the silent mode. Also the illuminating light can be seen by the hearing impaired individuals. Therefore, this doorbell scores high in the department of décor and design. The looks are adorable.

What are the core features?

We will discuss the basic features that are offered by this doorbell.

Range of operation

The operation range of the wireless doorbell is about 450 feet. So it is sufficient to cover any small sized or medium sized office or house. When buying a new wireless doorbell, sufficient range coverage is an important virtual parameter that has to be considered. Jacob Jensen also scores high in this department and deserves much admiration.

Variety of Chime Tunes

You will be provided with 6 unique options of doorbell sounds when you purchase a wireless doorbell from Jacob Jensen. The doorbell sounds are polyphonic in nature and are of superior quality.

Ease of mounting

This wireless doorbell can be easily mounted. You can mount it vertically or horizontally according to your wish.

Ease of installation

This doorchime can be installed and setup within minutes because it is wireless in nature. If you want a detailed step-by-step guide on the installation process you can search for the videos on the internet.

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Why is this door chime considered as a “Premium” choice

The attributes that make this doorbell a unique device and an obvious choice for the users are discussed below:

Multiple push buttons are supported by this doorbell: This doorbell has the ability to work with numerous push buttons at the same time. So, additional push bells can be installed at multiple doors and each of them will be responded by the chime. For this facility to be utilized you need to purchase additional push bells.

Multiple receivers are supported by this doorbell: This device has the ability to be configured with additional chime receivers. This attribute is useful especially when separate chime units are installed in each room or you own a big house.

Hearing impaired individuals are benefitted from special chime tunes: The wireless doorbells from Jacob Jensen have special chime tunes with low frequency that are appropriate for individuals having hearing problems. This attribute has practical benefits and is really essential to have.

This wireless doorbell has long-lasting batteries: According to the claims by the Jacob Jensen group, the batteries are capable of lasting for about 2 years. Therefore, the users are not troubled with the frequent worries of battery replacement.

Blocking of interference: The wireless doorbell from Jacob Jensen is not interfered by any other nearby devices. This is due to the special coding system employed in this doorbell.

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Therefore, from our discussion it is clear that this advanced, sophisticated and high-end wireless doorbell from Jacob Jensen provides you with award-winning and sleek design. It has unique features like high-class polyphonic tunes and special tunes for hearing impaired individuals. It gives you various sound options like knocking at old wooden door, classic sound of town hall bell, Asian-inspired tune, low-frequency tune for hearing impaired, or contemporary lounge-inspired tune. It provides you with the option of assigning tunes to individual bell pushes for identification of the ringing of a particular doorbell. Generally, a wireless doorbell set contains one door chime and one bell push. However, unlimited door chime receivers and bell pushes can be obtained and added to the configuration. Double-sided tape and screws can be used for mounting the doorbell push. There is an option of charging the chime with the help of a plug-in adapter. The volume of the doorbell is adjustable and has the options – low, high and off. With so many wonderful features included, you will not be disappointed!

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