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Jeans That Compliment Your Shape

Everyone loves a great pair of jeans that compliment the shapes of their bodies by providing them with the control along with harmonizing the silhouette and enhancing the frame’s best features. These jeans aim to please according to each style.

Rule the Ruler

rule-rulerThis body type, also called the straight shape, is the most common. It is appropriately named because the bust and hips are narrowly balanced and the midriff is undefined. No curves are naturally present with this frame and any gained weight shows in the torso area before anywhere else. However, you need to show off those slender legs, for they are your best asset. Any weight you gain will go to the torso first.

The goal for balancing the rectangle look is to give definition to the waist and the illusion of an hourglass figure. Bring those bell-bottoms and hip huggers out, for they are back in style and will create some smooth bends for your core area. The flare in the leg will make the thighs look thicker and embroidered or flap pocket will round off that narrow booty. The low rise of the waistband will highlight the mid-section and stretch denim will hug your sides and add curvature.


Regular. This is the shape that everyone desires; the balanced hips and bust line, along with a well-demarcated waist. This lucky lady will carry an entirely balanced body where the softly rounded shoulders align perfectly with the hips, which screams femininity and sensuality.

The hourglass figure looks good with every pair of pants, but the most favored are straight legged that is self-explanatory, skinny jeans that hug the entire leg to the ankle (usually available in stretch denim), and bootleg, which has a slight flare in the lower leg big enough to slide over a boot. The key is to accentuate the waist, since the hips and bust ordinarily steal your spotlight. For this goal, you will need to sport a high waist, which will elongate your look. Flap pockets are okay as well, but not too much embellishment around the hip area.

Top Heavy. This body style takes on the same shape as the regular hourglass and exudes the feminine look, only with a larger bust. This busty build must be balanced with jeans that accentuate the waist and lower body. The whiskering jeans are the style for this disproportion. This two-toned, wrinkled look help the hips look a bit wider to equal your upper half. A moderate flare or boot cut jean is complimentary to this shape and don’t be afraid to go with the flap covered pockets for added enhancement of the behind.


Also known as, the figure 8, this variation of the pear form is disproportionate due to the hips being larger than the upper region of the frame. The waist is much defined with this outline.  This appearance includes slender arms and shoulders, and an elegant neckline that projects womanly characteristics. Weight will show in the thighs and behind initially. To stabilize the relationship of the upper and lower ends you should wear darker denim, which tones down the sides, giving you more of the hourglass profile. Mid-rise, relaxed fitting jeans will emphasize the midriff. A flare is appropriate for softening those haunches and allowing you to bring out the bust with bright colors or prints.

Inverted Triangle

This is commonly referred to as the athletic build or the “T” shape. With the larger upper body, broad shoulders and super wide back, if you put your hands on your hips you’ll look like the average super hero. Your waist is subtle and the hips are slim. Your in-shape and generally long legs are the best asset for this physique.

Mark out a well-adjusted figure by amplifying those thighs with denims that are wide legged. It will stabilize your shape and soften your geometric shoulders. The more embroidery the better with this type. You want to bring out the lower half. Whiskering and smaller flap pockets give the backside curvature and widen your front. Boot cuts are good for proportion as well.


ovalNarrow lower end with a busty top sums up this outline. The full midsection can produce a muffin top with the wrong waistband rise. This girl will gain in the stomach and back first. In order to smooth out this look is to deemphasize the midsection while enhancing the lower region. Full and wide leg jeans will bring out the slender thighs and add curves. Details stitched on the front or the pockets of the pants will help to heighten the bottom also. A mid-rise will help to trim the tummy and hide any resemblance of muffins.


The hips out do bust on this lady as she will have a full midsection. This is the widest of the frames, with an undefined waist and slender arms. Weight will show up in the stomach and back first. The objective to beautifying this build is to bring in the waist and enhance the bust in order to project an hourglass figure. Lengthen the body with a pair of straight or wide cut trousers in darker colors to reduce the rear. The pants should be plain on the back and sides. Avoiding small pockets is ideal for slenderizing as well.

A perfect pair of jeans for your shape will put emphasis on your best assets and lean the trouble areas, complimenting the frame with style and comfort.

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began her career studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon graduating she had the opportunity to work in design for several influential designers. Nina finds inspiration in shapes, architecture and color.

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