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Look Fabulous On A Budget

Are you someone who wants to look great without having to bust the bank? If so, then you will need to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends and sales, so that you can stay on top of your game. Yes, being fashionable on a limited budget can be difficult, but you should know that it is not impossible. If you are keen and have the desire to look fabulous, then you will definitely find the items that will make you look like a star. Some tips are provided below for the readers who would like to make their outfits look great without having to spend loads of cash.

Tips for Saving Money on Fashion:


Sales, Sales, and more Sales

You should always look for sales and compare prices. There are people who do not search for sales and this is the reason why they end up spending so much money. Those people who are on a budget should remember to only buy necessary and fashionable items at the sale. Just because the items are on sale does not mean all of the pieces are fashionable. Some places you should shop at are: Target, Topshop, and Forever21.

Become a Confident Online Shopper

There are many people who believe that the items that they find at malls are priced at reasonable rates. This is not true at all! The sales people at the mall will try to sell you expensive items because they want to earn as much commission as they can. Do not fall into this trap. It would be better to shop online because there are websites that offer over 75% discounts. Search for reliable websites that offer the latest fashion. Also, those women who love jewelry should definitely keep this tip in mind because jewelry can be found at the cheapest rates on the Web.


Petite Body? Yes, You Are Lucky

Those women who are skinny should search for accessories and clothing in the juniors section. You will find underwear, pajamas, shirts, and other items at affordable rates and you will be able to save a few dollars if you apply this technique. You will not have to compromise the quality and will be able to have fashionable stuff in wardrobe at all times.

Swap Clothing with Friends

Those people who would like to change up their wardrobe without having to actually buy new stuff with their own money should consider swapping accessories and clothing with friends. This is a great tip because you will not repeat your outfits or accessories as much and will not have to spend a single penny. You will give up a few old outfits and in return you will receive a new outfit that you absolutely adore from one of your friends.


Thrift Shops

Sell your old or outdated articles of clothing at a thrift shop. This is a great way to earn some cash to spend money on items that are new in the market. Also, if you cannot afford the things you see in magazines, then you should consider searching for such things at thrift shops. The possibilities are endless at such shops and you will be able to get your hands on some great pieces if you shop smart! Shopping on a budget will become hassle free and you will be able to say goodbye to your old fashioned clothing.


Mix and Match

Mixing and matching is an old tip, but boy is it useful. You should always buy pieces that you can disguise with many of your outfits. This is something that is not difficult if you have a strong fashion sense. You can wear shorts over your leggings or wear a tunic over a sundress you have in the winter. It is not that hard to mix and match, you just have to have the right pieces of clothing and accessories in order to do so. Yes, you may have a few articles of clothing in the end if you follow this rule, but you will have fashionable articles in your wardrobe that will make you look great at all times.

Just remember these tips and you will be good to go! Being on a budget is difficult, but you will get the hang of it over time. You should stay determined to find the articles of clothing that you are in search for and only buy pieces that you know will stay in fashion for a year or so. Timeless pieces will allow you to make your wardrobe fashionable. Set a budget on how much you can spend every month so that you do not go over your limit. Overtime you will see your wardrobe grow and you will reach fashion success!

Good luck to all of the fashionista’s on a tight budget!

About Nina Wessels

began her career studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon graduating she had the opportunity to work in design for several influential designers. Nina finds inspiration in shapes, architecture and color.

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