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Picking The Right Luggage Bag

Hopefully, your luggage will accompany you whenever you go on a trip or vacation. Believe it or not, the luggage you choose can make a major impact on the quality of your vacation adventure.  There is an abundance of luggage sets on the market because there is not one single piece that is perfect for all kinds of travel.  This is the reason for such a large variety and many different styles and characteristics. With so many choices to choose from, it can be extremely difficult for travellers to narrow down their options and determine which pieces are the best fit for their unique adventures.  If you are unsure or confused on what kind of luggage you should purchase for use on your upcoming travels, follow this simple guideline.  You will be well on your way to having a wonderful traveling experience with the perfect set of luggage.

Types of Luggage, Packs, and Suitcase

Wheeled Duffels: This form of luggage really packs away all of your essentials. If your vacations typically involve gear in an array of different sizes, a wheeled duffel bag will take much stress off of your shoulders when it comes to packing. This form of luggage also comes in carry-on size for those who are looking to pack light.

Ideal for – Wheeled duffels are ideal for trips that involve bulky gear, sporting goods, or other items which meet this description. This luggage is also great for road trips and other family vacations. Wheeled duffels are not intended for those who are packing light.

Wheeled Luggage: The wheeled luggage is the most common type of luggage that you will see people lugging around the airport as these were crafted for most traditional travel needs. Wheeled luggage is extremely popular due to their compact sizing and durable construction that outlasts the rigors of airport transportation. They typically are designed with different compartments to help keep toiletries, medications, and other small items organized.  These are also highly convenient as the wheeled feature frees your hands for other tasks.

Ideal for – Wheeled luggage is wonderful for business travel, holiday vacations, family visits and other kinds of vacations where clothing and other necessities need to be packed along.  It is also ideal when packing light isn’t an option.

Backpack: The main purpose of a travel backpack is to maintain full mobility as soon as you land or reach your destination. This form of luggage allows you to pack an array of items and swing it over your shoulder for hands-free traveling experience that many people are looking to achieve.  The backpack is the perfect luggage when you don’t have time to stop at a hotel before jumping headfirst into activities.

Ideal for – Backpacks are ideal for camping trips or adventures when you plan on being outdoors for most of the time. They are also great for road trips and other outdoor retreats. Backpacks are a wonderful option if you are adept at packing light or plan to sleep in different accommodations throughout your vacation.

Duffel Bags: The traditional styled duffel bag is lighter than the wheeled duffel and much more cost efficient. The best part about duffel bags is the amount of space that they offer, as many offer over 5,000 cubic inches of space. Duffel bags also have the ability to be zipped and used as a great form of carry-on luggage. They usually feature conveniently long shoulder straps.

Ideal for – Duffel bags are excellent for climbers or other people who are heading out for an outdoor adventure.  These handy duffels are also best for students and people traveling on a budget.

Things to Look For When Choosing the Right Brand of Luggage

Durability: No matter where you’re heading, durable luggage is a must.  When picking out your luggage, look for reinforced corners, seams and zippers. Test straps, zippers, pockets, and wheels. Strong and durable materials include ballistic nylon and rip-stop.

Size: Make sure you have enough space to bring what your need but also check with your airline for specific weight and size requirements to avoid any unexpected charges. Most airlines typically follow a fifty pound limit per item checked.

Portability: Ensure that the luggage you choose is easily portable. Make sure the straps and handles are easy to grasp. If you choose luggage with wheels, think about choosing 360-degree wheels for increased mobility.

Other Specific Features to Consider

Once you have decided what kind of luggage is best for you, you can then start comparing other key features that your need or desire. This is where personal preferences tend to take control. Some specific features to take into consideration go as follows:

Storage Compartments: Built-in storage compartments make it easy to pack and unpack due to the amazing organization properties that they provide.

Organizer Pockets: Although similar to storage compartments, organizer pockets keep more common items at hands. These specialized pockets will provide special places for items such as cell phones, laptops, and cameras.

Compression Straps: This feature comes in handy when you need to transform a large and bulky bag into a small, compact size. There are also ‘piggy straps’ which allow you to slip a smaller piece of luggage over the handle of your rolling luggage.

Final Notes

 No matter if you are headed on a simple weekend getaway or a month long vacation, make sure your luggage is secured with covered ID tags both inside and outside.  Your luggage is bound to look the same as many other luggage sets at the airport.  Consider tying a brightly colored ribbon onto the handle of your set.  This small splash of color will also help prevent luggage from becoming lost.

Last but not least, always test your luggage before you travel. Make sure it holds what you need and that you enjoy the feel that it offers. Zip all the zippers several times and test the straps for weak points.  Luggage is a crucial aspect of any form of travel so choose wisely!

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