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Places To Visit In Germany

Germany is located in the center of Europe and is one of the most powerful economical countries on the continent. Germany is also world renowned for its history in World War II and a more recent contribution, Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a beer festival which is held during the middle of September until October of each year in the city of Munich. Aside from its history and this very popular festival, Germany is also renowned for its beautiful castles. The country is situated in the top ten of the most visited countries in the world so the tourism in Germany is very well developed. This is mainly due to the beautiful places and the admirable castles which tell an old and rich history of the country.

Berlin, Germany

One of the most visited cities in Germany is Berlin. It is the capital city of Germany and its beauty is given not only by the new and modern buildings, but also of the fact that one third of the city is comprised of forests, gardens, parks, lakes, and rivers.  The natural beauty of Berlin is even more attractive than the buildings located in this city. Berlin is very well developed regarding politics, culture, science, and media. Some of the most well-known universities claim Berlin, Germany, as home. In the western part of Berlin’s center is the Brandenburg Gate which is one of the most well-known and beautiful landmarks in Germany. The Berlin Museum Island is also a very popular attraction, not only for foreigners but also for locals. Upon arrival in Berlin, visitors should not miss visiting Berlin’s Zoo Garden where thousands of animals can be viewed and enjoyed, many of which are rare species.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and it has a wonderful architecture which is comprised of many styles of buildings. Here, the amazing churches are the most notable landmarks to visit. Hamburg is beautiful not only for its architecture and churches, but also for the wonderful gardens which embellish the city. There are plenty of parks all over the city and a beautiful botanical garden for visitors and locals to enjoy. Alter Botanischer Garten Hamburg is a historic yet modern botanical garden which is usually featured on every visitor’s itinerary.

Bavaria, Germany

Munich, or München, is located in the German state called Bavaria and is home to many universities, museums and theatres. The architecture of this town often draws the attention of foreign visitors because it is very beautiful and unique. The city is also the place of many international sporting events as well as a number of exhibitions. Beautiful Munich deserves its place on your traveling itinerary as every visitor should see the Nuremberg Castle. It is placed in the Nuremberg city in Bavaria and it is a historical building made on a sandstone rock. The castle along with the city walls are one of the Europe’s most important medieval war systems.

Cologne, Germany

Cologne, or Köln, which is the original name, is located on both sides of the Rhine River in Germany. Cologne is famous for its astonishing cathedral, called Cologne Cathedral – Kölner Dom. However, the Cathedral is not the only point of attraction in the city, as Cologne is also place of many museums and art galleries. Indulge in the rich art history of Germany on your dream vacation.

Heidelberg, Germany

The Heidelberg Castle is another much visited attraction in Germany. The castle is the representation of German romanticism and although it is now a ruin, it attracts plenty of tourists due to its magnificent architecture and extraordinary park.  This part of Germany is north of the Alps, a mountain chain that is a wonderful place to visit while seeing Germany, as it gives a magical, fairytale-like atmosphere. The German Alps have plenty of things to offer every visitor.

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart also attracts many tourists due to the Mercedes-Benz Museum which is located in this city. The Mercedes-Benz Museum covers the entire history of the brand and it is a very nice place to visit, especially for Mercedes fans. Aside from this unique museum, Stuttgart also has many other spots of interest for tourists such as churches, parks, lakes, and castles.

Mount Hohenzollern, Germany

Hohenzollern Castle is another must-see point of tourism in Germany and is located approximately fifty kilometers from Stuttgart. This castle is positioned at the top of Mount Hohenzollern and it presents neo-Gothic architecture. The sight from this castle is absolutely breath-taking, offering an amazing view of the surrounding area from the top of it.

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Ludwigsburg Castle is a very beautiful and imposing historical building which is situated in Ludwigsburg city, which is very near to Stuttgart. It is a palace created in the Baroque style and it has a huge and wonderful garden. This is a special point of interest to many travelers.

Rust, Germany

Amongst several beautiful cities and amazing castles in the country, people also have a reason to visit Germany for its most popular and beautiful amusement park: Europa-Park. Europa-Park is located in the south-western part of Germany, in the city of Rust. This is the second-largest popular themed park in Europe and it provides plenty of entertainment for its visitors.

Experience Beautiful Germany

Germany is a very beautiful and rich country, offering a bevy of wonderful experiences to tourists. The country offers so many amazing places that can be visited to enjoy culture, architecture, and style. Germany is a very good choice when planning a wonderful vacation getaway.

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