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Quick Cleanup Tips For Your Bedroom

Setting the Mood

Cleaning is not a job that too many people enjoy.  Turning on music and listening to your favorite melodies can make the assignment more enjoyable.  Stay away from electronic devices that tempt you to respond.

Texting or surfing social media will make the task take a longer length of time.  If you are not a music enthusiast, try natural sounds like the crackle of a campfire of the ripple of a waterfall. These sounds are called white noise.  They can help you stay focused.  Ipods can be used to download these sounds.

If the weather permits open windows to allow fresh air and sunshine to fill the room.  Create a reward for completing the work.  Suggestions include visiting with a friend, watching a movie, or eating a bowl of your favorite ice cream.

Getting Prepared

Organization is the key to getting the bedroom project done quickly.   They say a person without a list is listless.  Making a list of things you want to accomplish gives you a way to monitor progress you are making.  Seeing proof as you check items from the list can serve as motivation to see the duty to its completion.

The list may look something like this:

  • Clear clutter
  • Do surface cleaning
  • Floors
  • Make bed
  • Deodorize

Gather all necessary supplies.  That may include a homemade cleaning solution, paper towels, furniture polish, microfiber cloths, old toothbrush, carpet stain remover, trash bags.  Put them in a bucket, basket, or other container to eliminate trips back and forth to the area where cleaning supplies are stored.  Having an additional container to put items that need to be removed from the bedroom is a good idea.

The cleaning solution spoken of previously is made of one part water to one part vinegar with the addition of one tablespoon of baking soda.  This mixture makes an excellent solution for surface cleaning.  It should not be used on wood or marble, however.  Put the solution in a spray bottle.


Clear Clutter

First remove all clutter from the room.  Begin on one side of the room and work toward the other.  Put all dirty clothes in the hamper.  Hang up or put away any clothes that are not dirty.

Put things used often in places of easy access.  Items stored in drawers or shelves should be folded neatly.  Something that may sound obvious can make a big difference in the appearance of the room.

Close all closet doors and drawers.  Put any trash in a trash bag to be disposed of later.  Assemble anything that belongs in another room near the door.

This is where a basket or similar container will come in handy.  Return the items to their rightful place when you are finished with the room.  Put all shoes in the closet.  Clean under the bed.

Surface Cleaning

When cleaning surfaces, use the homemade solution on all suitable surfaces.   Spray polish should be used  on wood.  Baseboards can be cleaned with a dampened microfiber cloth.  Dust the top edges of all the doors.


Hardwood floors are swept and mopped.  When mopping a floor, start from the wall furthest from the doorway.  This will keep you from getting mopped into a corner.  Rugs and carpets are vacuumed.

Put an empty bag into the vacuum cleaner.  Without doing so, some dirt from the carpet may remain.  Be sure to vacuum edges and corners.  After the room has been thoroughly vacuumed, check for dirty foot prints, food stains, and areas targeted by pets.  All of these can be removed with carpet stain remover.

A folded paper towel should be put under the area being cleaned to avoid damage to the floor.  Stubborn stains may require several applications.  Repeat as often as necessary to remove the stain.  When it is gone and the area is dry, vacuum again.  Then sprinkle a light coat of baking soda over all the carpeted area.  Let it there for about an hour before doing a final vacuum.  (Now is a good time to get rid of trash and put items, that have another home, in the proper place. ) This process removes the odors and leaves a fresh smell.  Carpet cleaning bills are also averted.

Make the Bed

Do not forget to make the bed.  No matter how clean a bedroom is, an unmade bed makes the bedroom look messy.  Arrange the pillows and smooth the sheets.  Turning over the mattress is a task that can be completed also.  It will hold its shape better and be more comfortable when you sleep.


If baking soda was not used on carpeting, spray air freshener into the room.  When you are finished the room will look as though you had it professionally cleaned.  Now you can enjoy the reward you promised yourself.  For the future, keep items in the proper place.  It is so much easier to put away one item than a whole room full of misplaced belongings.

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