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Which Withings Scale Is Right For You?

A bathroom weight scale is extremely beneficial when you need to measure or track the progress in losing or maintaining a healthy weight.  While results may not be readily seen in the mirror, a great bathroom scale will report whether progress is being made or has come full stop.  Our Withings scales provide the relatively simple number of how much …

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Natural Cleaning Products For The Kitchen And Bathroom

Carpet shampoo, wooden floor cleaner, window polish, dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaner, shower spray, kitchen cleaner and oven cream: the list of cleaning products marketed and sold to the average family home goes on and on. Even ‘all-purpose’ cleaners often do have a purpose and are labelled ‘all-purpose antibacterial surface spray’ or similar. Marketing genius means we have been sold the …

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Eatsmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

As people are quickly becoming more and more weight conscious with each day, weighing scales have become a crucial addition to bathrooms. As the market is flooded with a wide of array of weight scales, people are often left wondering which is the best set of bathroom scales to purchase. To get a consistent and accurate reading of your body …

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What’s So Special About Detecto Scales?

The Detecto company has been designing and manufacturing weight scales since 1900 and is now the single largest independent scale manufacturer in the US. If you need scales for personal, retail, or industrial applications, or for use in the field of healthcare, Detecto has the innovative and accurate solution. Detecto leads the industry in physician scales which are used daily …

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Design Ideas To Make The Most Of A Tiny Bathroom

A very small bathroom can be difficult to decorate. With a bath/shower, sink unit and toilet, there can be very little room for storage or decorative features. Clever storage solutions can make the most of a small space and many designers have created imaginative ways to use often ignored spaces for storage. Here we will explore some tricks and techniques …

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