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Major Eating Disorders: How to Beat Bulimia

Bulimia is a major eating disorder that secretly destroys lives and families each day. This illness involves periodic episodes of overeating followed by self-induced purging of food before it is digested. This is a plague, fueled by fear and it should be dealt with immediately. Discover the facts about this eating disorder and learn ways to beat it before it …

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Healthy Ways to Stay Awake On the Job

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue that leads to many long-term ailments. It also robs you of needed energy, and slows the brain’s reaction time. This can cause you to have dosing sessions during work hours, which is a major pitfall of your performance, thus jeopardizing your position. Luckily, there are healthy some ways to keep you awake on the …

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What Are Negative Calorie Foods?

The internet abounds with lists that consist of negative calories foods. The concept of negative calories foods is that you burn more calories digesting and metabolizing certain foods then they actually contain themselves. For people who are on a diet or attempting to lose weight, the idea of negative calorie foods is certainly appealing. Who wouldn’t want a list of …

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5 Foods That Kills Your Smile

A smile is one of the first things you can use to make a good impression on someone. But what if your smile does not make a good impression at all? In order to make sure you keep a beautiful smile, you need to take special care of your teeth, as they are a very important part of having an …

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The Best Food In Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers an array of traditional foods that help to further define the city, its culture, and citizens.  When traveling to Amsterdam, you will be embraced with an array of foods portraying all kinds of different tastes such as sweet, salty, and who can forget – spicy?  No matter what you may be craving, there is something to satisfy everyone’s …

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Top 5 Fat Burning Foods For Women

Women and beauty can never be separated and this underpins the idea of beauty set ups that have been developed to help women maintain a vibrant and beauty filled life. Food is a daily input element that the body requires and therefore using it to good effect is the only way through which the body can be manipulated to take …

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