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Top 10 Women’s Fashion Rules

For women, it can be a major struggle to remain fashionable. What to wear? What accessories go with what kind of clothing? The questions regarding style and trends are never-ending. Not all trends are created equal and there are bad looks floating around. There are certain fashion rules that women should follow to ensure she looks her best at all …

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Backless Dresses: Then And Now

Before the 20th century, fashion encompassed lackluster designs, based on the purpose of body coverage for busty, full-figured women. Restricting S-shaped figures were the core of every ensemble. Corsets were typical molds, forcing torsos outward to incorporate pigeon style posture. These garbs were made as lengthy wedding themed dresses complete with trains.  The breakout of World War I put a …

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Jeans That Compliment Your Shape

Everyone loves a great pair of jeans that compliment the shapes of their bodies by providing them with the control along with harmonizing the silhouette and enhancing the frame’s best features. These jeans aim to please according to each style. Rule the Ruler This body type, also called the straight shape, is the most common. It is appropriately named because …

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Awesome 80’s Fashion Comebacks

Today’s expressions have enhanced these retro 80’s styles by using the sophisticated edge of today. The paths cleared by hairstylists and designer experts of the past have been reshaped to portray a GQ quintessence to complement 21st century fashions. Hair Fauxhawk This once punk inspired cut has since been tamed and trimmed, allowing you to keep a professional manner while …

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Winter Key Boot Styles for Men

As we move into winter and the weather begins to get colder, it is very necessary that we update our footwear. No longer is it necessary to walk the cold and wet street in flip flops, loafers, or other open toed shoes. Instead, you should opt for a more appropriate style of footwear for the winter such as boots. Boots …

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Essential Accessories for the Winter – Men’s Fashion

Do you want to make a fashion statement this winter? This is something that is definitely possible if you purchase the right winter essentials. There are many men who do not own the essentials and this is the reason why they lack in fashion during this season. Investing money into the winter essentials is something that is worth it because …

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