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The Benefits & Features Of Tanita Scales

Why Professionals Should Own Tanita Scales:

Approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Tanita offers professional weight scales that provide amazing state of the art technology which includes many user friendly features that are best in the industry. Tanita’s professional weight scales help to deliver much needed pertinent information to the following professionals:

  1. Clinical researchers
  2. Medical experts
  3. Physicians in Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Veterinary and Pediatric Practices
  4. Sports Coaches
  5. Scientists in Health-Related fields

Tanita’s weight monitoring scales assist doctors because they improve the patient’s understanding and level of compliance regarding many treatment programs. They also offer better accessibility, portability, and accuracy for patients and many healthcare professionals.

Tanita offers a huge variety of professional analyzers for detailed segmental or full body analysis. This analysis includes weight, body fat percentage, impedance, estimated muscle mass, body fat mass, fat free mass, total body water, body mass index (BMI), and basal metabolic rate (BMR). Tanita analyzers will actually give the basal metabolic rate for the whole body by incorporating the Direct-Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology as these are both very reliable methods used to measure composition in the body.

Tanita scales are built with the highest of standards and many of the company’s models offer convenient carrying cases, a standard height rod, USB & RS232 output, installation and how-to software, and an easy to read remote display. Tanita products are guaranteed for long lasting reliable performance under even the most demanding and stressful health care facilities.

Tanita’s best-selling line of reliable high capacity weight scales include those used for pediatric scales as well as physician and hospital scales. Tanita also offers wheelchair scales, digital column scales, food & restaurant scales, laboratory scales, NTEP scales, as well as handrail and beam scales. Laboratory scales are used for an assortment of diagnostic measurements which include those for the following cases:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Metabolic Syndrome
  3. Childhood Obesity
  4. Visceral Fat Detection in Bariatric surgery cases
  5. People at High Risk for Cancer

Tanita leads the rest when it comes to designing scales accurate enough for healthcare professionals to rely on. Convenient and affordable, these weight scales surpass methods such as DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) or hydrostatic weighting while offering superior accuracy. Tanita scales assist patients and healthcare professionals with weight loss, diet and exercise, caloric intake, adipose tissue, and total body water in pounds and kilos. This versatility makes Tanita weight scales appropriate for gyms and fitness clubs too. Personal trainers and coaches enjoy the innovative technology and keen insight that these scales offer.

Some models offer the stadiometers or height rods, wireless output, and are compatible with EMR and Welch Allen. All Tanita weight scales are ISO 9001 certified. Tanita is also the only scale that is used by the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum, USA Wrestling, NCAA Wrestling Championships, the Reno Tournament of Champions, the Midlands Wrestling Championships, and many other sporting tournaments and organizations around the world.


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Why Consumers Should Own Tanita Scales

Tanita’s amazing top of the line best-selling consumer weight scales and body composition analyzers have managed to meet the highest of health standards and are also FDA approved. While many competitors choose to bypass this strict process, Tanita weight scales meet the quality tests and measuring requirements required by the FDA head on to ensure that all consumers have the opportunity to own the most reliable and highest quality products available on the market today.

When consumers use Tanita’s BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), body composition monitors will measure body fat percentage, weight, muscle mass, body water percentage, basal metabolic rate (BMR), physique rating, bone mass, visceral fat levels, metabolic age, and daily caloric intake (DCI). The Tanita weight scales offer what no other scale can for health conscious consumers. Consumers can choose from innovative scales or select a standard digital scale which reads only weight. Other consumer options include solar powered scales, dial and analog scales, body water scales, high-capacity scales with accommodating platforms, body fat scales, Iron Girl, Ironman, and InnerScan branded lines, the FIRST Bluetooth enabled scales, and ANT+ scales.

With modern technological advances, Tanita now offers more great help for health conscious consumers: segmental body composition readings which will assist with injury rehabilitation for athletes who participate in grueling, highly competitive sports such as: marathons, triathlons, gymnastics, boxing, swimming, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Ultimate Fighting.

Also, Tanita offers maximum precision to consumers with 0.1 lb or 50 grams in accuracy which allows consumers the opportunity to see and monitor even the most minute changes in their bodies. As if Tanita hasn’t done enough for consumer health and well-being, they have developed a line of kitchen scales which will help control portion sizing, pedometers to monitor walking and running activities, electronic jump ropes, and heart rate monitors.

Another option for consumers are Tanita’s new kid scales. These innovative weight scales allow parents to track both weight and body fat percentages in children. Other features include an ANT+ wireless option which will allow consumers to send this data directly to the company’s Ironkids software.  These new scales have a lot to offer as they give parents, care givers, and teachers accurate health and fitness data. Designed for kids from five to seventeen, these modern scales consider gender and developmental milestones so measurements are keenly accurate.

Tanita scales are also more affordable for consumers than comparative equipment with similar capabilities and far more convenient. In addition, they offer a more private option than skin fold (calipers) tests. Tanita’s weight scales allow consumers to accurately monitor their health from the comfort of their own homes, gaining access to such details as diet analysis, weight loss progress, and exercise progress.

Perfect for individuals or an entire family, Tanita scales will also remember data for several people due to its recall feature. The sleek glass platforms are armed with transparent electrodes and a low profile appearance that consumers love.  Tanita scales are ISO 9001 certified and will offer weights in both pounds and kilos.

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