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The Best Electric Space Heaters For Your Home

Many times, you only need a particular room in your home to warm up. Running your central heating across the entire house is wasteful, which can greatly increase your bill at the end of the month. Instead, use a space heater in the area that you needed warmer, allowing you to keep your main heating off.

“How much can it save you?”

Consider this, if you ran a space heater for approximately 6 hours a day, seven days a week, you’d only pay about $15, much less than if you ran your central heating for this same period.

The best kind of space heater for your home is an electric one. There are other heaters, which use kerosene or gas to generate heat. They post a health hazard though because of the fumes involved, even if they are vented. As a bonus, electrical heaters are much easier to maintain as well. You don’t have to spend too much to get a quality unit either.

Good heaters start at around $25, when combined with the savings they generate on your heating bill you can see why they are such a sound investment.

Types Of Space Heaters

electric space heaterWhen shopping you should first consider the three basic types of heaters available:

Convection Heaters

These consist of mainly water and oil or baseboard designs, although newer units include ceramic components. They work by heating up the air above the unit, which forces cool air downward. Although they can heat quickly, they aren’t the fastest space heaters.

Radiant Heaters

When you need heating quick, radiant models are your best bet. The operate by focusing their energy on people or objects directly. You can think of them as the equivalent of a small fire at your feet you keep you warm. Good for taking the chill off in a cold room. They won’t heat the room itself much, though. This kind of heater is also known as infrared heaters.

Methods For Heating

Within these two basic types of heaters are various mechanisms for performing the actual heating. Each have their own pros and cons.

Ceramic Element
Although these ceramic heaters might run at a lower temperature than other standard heaters, they can heat the room for a longer period of time. This makes them one of the most energy efficient space heaters you’ll find.

This type of heater is similar to an electric stove. Metal elements heat up and a fan blows the hot out outward. Typically found on convection heaters, these aren’t the most efficient space heaters but good at getting the room nice and toasty.

These oil-based heaters are sealed, so there’s no problem with fumes or venting. Older models that aren’t in the best shape might be dangerous though if there are leaks present. They are efficient though due to the ability of the oil to retain temperature for a long time. This allows the heating element to turn off while the heater still provides warmth.

Reflective Halogen
You’ve probably heard of halogen bulbs, these heaters use the same technology to warm up your room. Not only do they feel like sunlight but they are very safe and one of the best choices for an electric heater. Most infrared heaters use this method of heating.

Best Electric Space Heaters

Here are some top picks to look for when shopping for an electric space heater for your home, office, or garage.

Comfort Zone Flat Panel Halogen Heater CZHTV9

Comfort ZoneÆ CZHTV9As mentioned earlier, halogen heaters are one of the safest types of space heaters you can purchase. By mimicking natural heat, they’re also very comfortable to use. This is an infrared heater.

This heater by ComfortZone is a dual tube design with 70 degrees of oscillation to help widen its effect on the surrounding area. It can produce either 400 or 800 watts of energy. It’s ETL certified which mean it meets standard safety requirements, a top priority in any heater you decide to purchase.

This heater is highly regarded by users. Itís been compared to having an electric fireplace as the warmth it provides is very pleasant.

You will need to face it in the direction of where you want it to heat, however. It won’t warm up a whole room. So it’s best just for personal use when you need to take the chill off.

You can find these for under $40 from Amazon, which makes them a great deal.

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Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko 755320If you need more heating power than the CZHTV9, then take a look at the Lasko 755320. It’s a ceramic tower design operating at 1500 watts, nearly double what the CZHTV9 is capable of.

The unit is easy to operate thanks to a handy digital control situated at the top of the device. You can set a timer operation for up to 8 hours.

It has safety features such as a self regulating heating element, automatic shut off, and cool-touch housing. This is an excellent unit for larger rooms where a smaller heater wouldn’t be sufficient.

Another advantage of the design is that it’s very quiet, no one wants a noisy heater to disturb them all day and night and the Lasko performs well in this regard.

This is another very affordable model, again you can find these for just about $40.

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DeLonghi EW7707CM

For those wishing to invest in an oil-based heater, the DeLonghi EW7707CM is one of the best models available for the price.

DeLonghi EW7707CMAlthough it won’t warm up your immediate area as quickly as something like the ComfortZone, if you need a nice steady heat it can do a wonderful job.

A tip for using this type of heater is to leave it on overnight so it can slowly warm up the intended room. Then during the day turn it down just to keep performing a light maintenance duty. Make sure you break the unit in before using otherwise you might experience a smell during its operation due to the coating on the main element.

An advantage of using this heater over the other two is that they can sometimes make the air dry, which not everyone likes. Oil-based heaters tend to not suffer from that sort of problem.

Price wise you will pay slightly more for this model, but not much at around $70.

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As you can see, these little electric space heaters are a great way to either get some quick heat or even longer lasting warmth when you need it.

Each unit here won’t break the bank and the savings you can get over time more than make up for the investment.

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