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The Best Food In Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers an array of traditional foods that help to further define the city, its culture, and citizens.  When traveling to Amsterdam, you will be embraced with an array of foods portraying all kinds of different tastes such as sweet, salty, and who can forget – spicy?  No matter what you may be craving, there is something to satisfy everyone’s palate in Amsterdam. There are many different meals, snacks, and beverages to choose from in Amsterdam, but to help make your decision making a little easier, here are some of the best foods in Amsterdam that are sure to have you going back for seconds.



The Chocoladeletters is a Dutch candy that is created from gourmet chocolate in the form of a letter. These delicious letter shaped chocolates come in dark, milk, and white flavors. This is a fun food that is most often sold during the time of the Sinterklaas celebrations and given as a gift to friends, family, or even employees who have a sweet tooth due to its delicacy and of course, melt-in-your-mouth texture.



Patat is the Dutch version of the typical French fries but much more thick and crispy. The inhabitants of Amsterdam enjoy their patat with an abundance of mayonnaise and topped with onions like the sprinkles on a cupcake. These everlasting favorites are found in bars and restaurants all over the city. They are also commonly served in “snackmuurs” which are coin-operated hatches which release pre-made snacks when a Euro or two are inserted for a quick and delicious treat.



Stamppot is often considered to be the ultimate in Amsterdam cuisine. This heavy and unique dish consists of mashed potatoes that are mixed with vegetables such as carrots or kale and is typically served with rookworst which is a type of smoked sausage.  Many restaurants in the area serve this as a meal but if you are on a budget, you can purchase it at a local Mainstream grocery store and heat it up with microwave in your hotel room so you can experience this delectable Amsterdam meal for less.



Yet another appetizing food for those with a sweet-tooth is the Stroopwafel. This Amsterdam sweet-treat is easily found freshly made at an array of bakeries and restaurants around the city. The Stroopwafel is a cookie that is unusually large and chewy in texture, and is made with two thin layers of batter and filled with sticky syrup in the middle.  This inner filling helps to moisten up the cookie for one delightfully delicious dessert. These treats are often enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee to enhance their unique flavor.

brownish coffee and spoon on isolated background

Koffie Verkeerd

When you take a break at any restaurant or cafe in Amsterdam, you will without a doubt see Koffie Verkeerd on the menu. This is a traditional cup of coffee with a Dutch spin. Instead of just a little bit of milk, this hot cup of coffee is infused with a lot of warm milk. Koffie Verkeerd means “wrong coffee” due to its unusual milk content. This milky caffeinated delight is usually served with a cube of sugar and a sweet little cookie for a nice morning pick-me-up or a boost to any dragging afternoon.


Hollandse Nieuwe Haring

Although unappealing to many people who are not native to Amsterdam, this delicacy should be tried at least once. Hollandse Nieuwe Haring is the raw herring fish served with chopped onions and is usually accompanied with a side of bread. Due to the availability of the herring, this dish is most commonly consumed between May and July. This food is traditionally eaten by holding the herring by the tail and dropped into your mouth while your head is tilted back. Yet, if you aren’t one for “fish shots,” they can also be eaten in petite, bite size sandwiches for the same, salty flavor that has earned it the reputation of being the sushi of Amsterdam.



Made with yeast and a touch of buckwheat flowers, Poffertjes are tiny yet extremely puffy pancake-like creations that are made with the use of a special pan that is designed with multiple shallow indentations along the bottom to shape the batter into perfectly puffed delights. These are most commonly served in the fall and winter seasons with a mini-fork and a smudge of butter and powdered sugar.

If you are headed off to an exciting Amsterdam Adventure, be sure to try some of these delectable foods that take a more unique and cultural spin on some of the world’s favorite treats such as coffee, pancakes and sushi. There is a little something for everyone’s taste pallet whether they are craving a warm cup of milky coffee or a sweet fried treat. The previously listed foods are worthy of your sampling and are guaranteed to have you loosening your belt a couple of notches and craving more!

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