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The Best Steam Mop And Carpet Cleaners For Your Home 2016

Traditionally, getting the hard floors, carpets and rugs in the home cleaned required employing the services of a specialized company. In modern times, many homeowners are opting into purchasing their own steam cleaner machine/s. Compared to the cost of having a company come in on a regular basis, especially for light colored/ heavy traffic areas, owning a a machine is significantly less expensive. The following is a brief guide on what to look for, and what to consider, when  shopping for a heavier duty cleaning system, such as a steam mop.

Steam-Mop-1Determine Needs

When it comes to purchasing in sort of home appliance or cleaning device, the first question anyone should ask themselves is “What problem am I trying to address?” Some homeowners get caught up in fancy sales pitches, or pretty promises on websites, without considering if they really need it. The truth of the matter is, unless you are having a problem with your floor cleaning system, or require a heavier hand frequently throughout the year, then you don’t need to invest a few hundred dollars into an advanced home cleaning appliance/s. Consider that at most it will likely only get used them once a month, and that is only if there is a severe issue with wear and tear. For larger homes, especially those that have many different flooring surfaces, it is a good idea to consider either a combination machine. Even those, however, tend to have limitations and require the investment in another machine to handle the surfaces it can not.

Consider Pricing

Some of the best and most worthwhile carpet cleaners range in price from around $150 to $400, and those are low estimates for brand new models. At the lower end of the spectrum, you can find decent models that traverse both carpeted and bare surfaces, but their ability to deep clean often leaves much to be desired. Most, if not just about all the machines, that come up in searches all tend to show the same trend. You can get one that is decently alright for basic cleaning on any floor surface, but if you need deep cleaning done right, expect to pay over $300 for a machine that really works. For many people, deep carpet cleaning is only a yearly event. When done with a rental machine, it can easily be managed for around $50 or less. The average lifespan of a deep cleaning carpet machine, at least according to many of the warranties and reviews, is around five years. Some consider it a lot more affordable to simply rent one once a year and stick with a lighter, more cost effective cleaning system.

When it comes to hard floor surfaces, the pricing is a bit easier to manage, with very highly steam mop systems being available around $100 to $200.

Examples of All Three

It can be hard to consider what machine will work best based on rough ballparks. The following is a sort of “best of” list that will walk through examples of high and low end floor cleaning machines. The list will include: rental machines, carpet cleaners, and steam mops. Each of these, excluding the rentals, can be found online and potentially in local home supply stores. It will better illustrate what the top features are you can expect for for both the cost effective and more extravagant models of cleaners.

Best Carpet Cleaner

When it comes to strictly a carpet cleaning machine, think green. The Bissell Pro Heat 2X Heated is a complete home cleaning machine. It uses a unique built in heater to improve the effectiveness of the solution. It has a lot of perks and it also a fairly affordable model. According to many reviews it can handle itself quite well for heavy traffic areas, and as a partnership with 3M, it can also potentially qualify as a means to help extend a Scotchgard warranty.


  • Affordable for around $240 (on Amazon).
  • Removes most of the water put out, so quicker drying times.
  • New models come with tools and starter solution.
  • Can Be used on some types of furniture.


  • In store pricing can be upward of $300 or more.
  • Works for carpets only.
  • Can be hard to maneuver.
  • Only has a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Best Cleaning Machine Rentals

Sometimes it is simply not prudent to invest in purchasing a machine outright. For those times, it is wise to consider a Rug Doctor rental. A rather well established name in the carpet cleaning business, Rug Doctor’s rental steam cleaning machines are one of the best according to customer reviews.


  • Affordable for around $20 to $30 a day. (Price varies by location)
  • Option to purchase a basic or deep cleaning machine for $300.
  • Easy to use in terms of filling and draining the tanks.


  • Locations for rental may not be close.
  • Late fees apply to non returned rentals.
  • Can be hard to maneuver at first.

Best Steam Mop

The Hoover Floormate SpinScrub is one of the best rated floor cleaning devices for hard floor surfaces. It has a three-in-one system that vacuums, mops, and dries surfaces. It can handle hardwood, vinyl, and stone to just name some of the most common. For its pricing, of just a little over $100, it is a very affordable and powerful floor cleaner for hard floor homes. There is a newer model, called the deluxe, which retails a bit higher in price, but it has a few drawbacks that make it not as highly rated as its predecessor.


  • Available for $120 (on Amazon)
  • Handles both vacuuming and moping.
  • Extra long cord and folds down for storage.


  • Smaller tank capacity than some models.
  • Only 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Takes some getting used to for best performance.


Highlights To Remember

When it comes to finding the right floor cleaning machine for your home, it is important to consider: your needs, your budget, and

features. For many homeowners, who have a fair mix of floor surfaces and a lot of traffic, it is often a necessity to have more than one machine. On average, for those that invest in good floor cleaning machines, a good standard vacuum, a hard floor cleaner, and a carpet steam cleaner are the three basic machines for the task of keeping all the floors cleaned. In the instance where the carpet is under payment installments, or warranty, having them regularly deep cleaned can be a necessity to maintain coverage.

In Summary

Always take time to consider any investment carefully. The limited warranties and plethora of propaganda campaigns that are present in marketing can make it difficult to tell which machine is really worth the money. Once you have an idea on what you need and how much you can spend, take time to look through both positive and negative reviews. Especially look for any that talk about specific situations that might be similar to your own. You can often times find a lot of user advice among reviews, such as “you need to take your time when using this cleaner”. In today’s hurried world, people are often hasty to put up negative reviews because they rushed through using the machine and didn’t like the results. If you want something that works quickly, especially if its due to time restraints, then it may be wise to consider enlisting help from family/friends, or hiring a company. It takes a bit a time to use most of the deep floor cleaning devices. Which, is something that should also be kept in mind while shopping for one.

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