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The Perfect Night in France

Having a perfect night in the magical France is never a problem.  Deciding where to spend that night is certainly problematic.  The nightlife in France is quite active and offers many different ways to spend an entire night.  Whether dancing, seeing a show, or dining in the many posh restaurants, time is very easy to spend while in France.  Party like a hipster, frolic through the countryside, or simply take a romantic stroll along the River Seine because nearly any activity is sure to be unforgettable.  For those who love to gamble, there are over one hundred and thirty casinos in France.  Consult with your hotel’s concierge for the local bars and restaurants that offer an unforgettable time.

Moulin Rouge: Paris

The dances and shows are performed in a 19th century windmill.  Come to Paris to enjoy the famous cabaret at the Moulin Rouge. Spend a classy night in one of the world’s most famous places. The evening is filled with a raucously good time for everyone involved.  View the works of art, known as Fin De Siecle, which became politically controversial in its support and advancement of fascism.  Enjoy the world-famous can-can performance by some of the world’s most gorgeous women.  Whether toasting or celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon, be sure to get a bottle of champagne when celebrating at the Moulin Rouge.

Bars and Pubs: Lyon

This bar scene offers smaller crowds and more of an intimate evening out than nearly any other place in Europe. Prices are geared to the locals and there are no entrance fees to any of the bars or pubs.  Dress down or dress up to enjoy an evening in this quaint and charming city.  The Smoking Dog is infamous for its wide variety of cocktails and best priced eats.  Play a game of darts or enjoy a football game on one of the huge television screens.  Stroll the streets to listen to jazz up and down the avenues or drink well into the morning.  People who enjoy the atmosphere of Australian pubs and Oz music will find plenty located throughout the city.

Bastille: Paris

Certainly no visit to France would be complete without an evening on the Bastille.  Tower the Place De La Bastille during the day and stay for an evening of fun. Stroll through the Oberkampf neighborhood and stop in at the many pubs and bars located there.  You can party through the entire evening while enjoying cocktails of every flavor and food from around the world. Food and drink along these boulevards is found to be up to one-third cheaper than in areas that cater exclusively to tourists. Snack foods are easily discovered at three in the morning.  Experience a taste of the Parisian narrow streets of old while wandering through the expansive neighborhoods.

Nightlife In Nice

Arrive early at the Palais Nikaia to enjoy an evening concert.  Go late to the Le Maori and delight in the live music and dance the night away while sipping on some wine.  People into metal or hard rock are in for a great treat at the Snake Pit.  The bar is divided into two rooms: one for large groups and the other for a more intimate evening.  Guzzle beer from a horn. Dress in extremely casual attire.  Arines de Cimiez hosts an annual jazz festival.  Those who wish to salsa the night away will love the La Bodeguita Del Havana.   Arrive early to reserve a spot before the crowds start filtering in.  For those who are inexperienced or have never danced salsa, lessons are frequently available.

The Frog and Princess: Paris

 This pub is for those who love to party, English-style.  The pub manufactures its own beer and is open until two in the morning.  Sports lovers can keep score on one of the many television screens located in the bar.  The pub is situated close to the Latin Quarter, where a couple can go dancing and then enjoy a burger and a local beer at the bar.  Several local bands perform at the bar.  The bar also offers a very long happy hour for drinking and great burgers.  The dress is very casual, unlike some other bars in the area.  The Frog and Princess is generally for the younger set.  Older couples may enjoy other venues such as the Cabaret or Buddha Bar, where even celebrities have been known to party the night away.

Paris is certainly the place to be for those interested in an active nightlife.  There are many spots throughout that offer a lively, Parisian-style time.  Cost may be an issue as many of the more famous bars such as the Moulin Rouge are more expensive.  However, the point is to go and have a good time rather than penny-pinch.  Tour the many famous attractions during the day such as the Louvre or the Eiffel tower and party well into the evening

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