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The Weight Loss Benefits Of Running

Running is a full body motion, aerobic exercise, known for an array of health benefits from contributing to heart strength to improving overall coordination. However, running also burns a hundred calories per mile and, dependent on your body size, about 500 calories every hour, meaning that it is one of the most effective forms of exercise for weight loss.

Increases Metabolism

run-to-burn-fat2The chemistry in your physique that helps you grow and stay alive is referred to as metabolism. This biotic activity is essential to all proper functioning of the body. Metabolism works by way of two processes. Catabolism breaks down fats and proteins to produce energy (fuel or power our bodies need to perform). As this happens, the waste that forms is discarded through main filtering organs such as the liver and kidneys. Anabolism, powered by catabolism uses the dynamism that is made to support the growth of new cells. This is done by building molecules. It also stocks extra energy for the future. As you run, the energy expenditure or total metabolic rate is increased. This rate is calculated using three components of measure.

  • Basal Metabolic Rate – the rate at which oxygen is expended while you are awake but the body is at rest.
  • Thermogenesis – the heat that is produced by food digestion and absorption, as well as nutrient dispersing throughout the human frame.
  • Physical Activity – any bodily activity that utilizes momentum beyond that of the resting rate.

Here is where running comes in. This physical activity increases the energy expenditure, therefore increasing metabolism, which burns fat. Which brings us to the next weight loss benefit of running.

Burns Fat

run-to-burn-fatThe metabolic rate is not the only process effected by this strenuous activity. The general rule of weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in. Calories are heat units present in the body and in food. It is considered our functioning fuel.

During the first ten minutes of a workout, the body will only burn up carbohydrates and other energy that is easily accessible in the digestive system. If the activity is strenuous enough and the provided digestive energy is depleted, it will begin to burn fat. As the fat is transformed into energy, it disappears, making the body leaner.

Tones Muscle                                                                                                               

Running is a powerful method of toning for muscles throughout the body. It moderately builds muscle while improving the tonicity of the legs, back, and stomach.

  • Abs – Sprinting movement involves control and balance. Several muscles must work together to perfect every stride. The abdominal muscles help to support the body during leg rotation. It also aids in proper cadence, which is the rate at which the feet make contact with the ground.
  • Backthese muscles are not only toned but also strengthened. The bones and disks of the back help to support it. They are surrounded by a flexible connective tissue called ligaments. It helps the muscles to create balanced movement and to protect vital organs. Using the proper form as you stride, forces the core muscles to flex and support the movement of the spine, making them stronger with every workout.
  • The Important Part: Legs – Muscles groups of the legs are used most in running and can become sharply defined weapons against harsh terrain, when you motion them properly.
    • Calves – As you run, the calves build and become more defined, thus improving your running game.
    • Hamstrings – The loose hamstring theory no longer applies when it comes to this workout. It has been discovered that tight hamstrings use less of the body’s energy, making it more efficient in the long run. A simple 15-minute walk or jog before bolting to the finish line will do.
    • Quads – The quadriceps propel you over the steepest hills and are important to supporting the hamstrings by taking over the weight and tension, allowing them to rest. Ironically, the best way to tone these big muscles is to challenge yourself with the tall hills and rough and rugged territory. Your thighs will thank you later by making that challenge easier and shedding pounds, giving you the long and slender look.
    • Gluteal – The glutes consist of the buttocks and lower thigh regions. Like the quads, this group is large, and considered one of the strongest in the body. This is the easiest area to target for weight loss, just remember to take full strides as you go.

Decreases Appetite

When you take on that asphalt, your body temperature will rise. That increasing heat will start to produce a hormone called peptide YY and along with feel-good endorphins, naturally suppress the appetite. Just remember that cutting calories will speed up weight loss results. Hormonal suppression is most operative during exercise time, so be responsible with your food intake later. When you burn more calories than usual, you have a tendency to consume more later.

Running is a perfect way to strip you fat mass and reduce your weight in general. It is an intense workout and with dedication can contribute surprising benefits to the physique.

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