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Things To Do While In Venice

There is no other place in the world quite like Venice. This city is a picturesque labyrinth of canals, cobblestones streets, elaborate bridges, and not to mention, the breath-taking art.  Chances are, your trip to Venice is going to be a once in a lifetime excursion so it is important to make the most of it by seizing every day that you have to spend in this magnificent city.  If you want to make your Venetian experience unforgettable and memorable, be sure not to miss out on these activities and attractions that are going to provide you with many exciting memories that you will happily look back on for the rest of your life.

Be Seduced by the Stunning Art Scene

Venice is enriched with a contemporary art scene that lives up to its glorious history. Beginning around the late middle ages and continuing until up until the twentieth century, some of the most widely known and talented artists left their mark and masterpieces throughout the city. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most premiere museums in the city as it showcases an array of visually stunning masterpieces ranging in style from surrealism to more abstract styles as well.

You cannot experience the art of Venice without taking a trip to Doge’s Palace. Not only is this one of the oldest and most historic buildings in town, built in the mid-14th century, it also is a museum which displays an immense collection of masterpieces as well as various art exhibitions.

If you go at the right time of year, you may even get to experience the Venice Biennale which as an film, art and dance festival that showcases some of the most amazing art forms from all around the world.

Stroll Through the Grand Canal

No trip to Venice is complete without an adventure through one of the city’s most picturesque waterways, The Grand Canal.  The Grand Canal has been described as having grandeur beauty and romance.  Whether you choose a gondola or vaporetto, which is a rounded 230 passenger boat, taking a ride through this gorgeous canal is a great way to get a better look of Venice – especially at dusk as the sun is setting and you are with your special someone.  This serene boat tour through one of the city’s most beautiful attractions is going to give you a much deeper appreciation for the landscape and timeless qualities that Venice has to offer.

Experience the Beauty and Attractions of San Marco Square

This one single magnificent square is an amazing experience all on its own, so much that Napoleon was said to have called it the ‘drawing room of Europe’.  You can easily make a day out of all of the attractions which adorn in this piazza.

 St. Mark’s Basilica makes its home in San Marco Square, and is an amazing church with an interior which showcases wall-to-wall mosaics.  The outside is just as captivating with its bold shaped domes and stunning architecture.  Within this church, there are also three petite museums that display some of the city’s most historic pieces of religious items for an enlightening experience.

 Also in this square, there is Doge’s Palace. As previously mention, this landmark showcases some of the most extraordinary art as well as the luxuriously decorated Doge’s apartment, and the Senate Hall. When visiting Doge’s Palace, you will also be given the opportunity to walk the Bridge of Sighs which is the only bridge in the city that is completely covered. This is once the area where those who had to walk from the court to prison took their last breath of fresh air before imprisonment and/or execution.

 Last but not least, there is the extravagant clock tower built between the years of 1496 and 1506 which is one of the most popular attractions of the whole city.

Get a Taste of Venetian Cuisine

In addition to intriguing art and breath-taking landmarks, Venice is also known for their delicious foods.  Some of the most popular dishes in the city include ‘oca in onto’ which is goose in its own fat or perhaps Venetian meatballs or polpette is more your speed. Raw seafood is another particular food favorite of the residents within this city.

After indulging in these unique foods, be sure to cool down with some sweet and scrumptious gelato which is Italian ice cream. Gelato is made with only natural ingredients in an array of classic flavors such as chocolate and vanilla as well as some exotic flavors such as fennel and artichoke.

From art to gelato and museums to gourmet food, as you stroll through Venice, you are embraced with an infinite amount of opportunities to make cherished memories.  After all, while in Venice you are surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful works of art, historical buildings, and unforgettable bridges. Choose any of the above activities and attractions to make the most of your Venetian vacation.

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