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Tips For Kissable Lips

A kiss is an intimate portrayal of emotion for a significant person in your life. However, it is more than just an expression. It effects the mind and body, helps to bridge relationships, and soothes the cries of small children everywhere. However, chapped lips pose an issue to this gesture of love, making it undesirable at best. Symptoms include flaking and cracking of the skin. Cracked lips will bleed and sometimes swell from irritation that causes burning. All that inflammation makes for painful kissing and unattractive lips. The goal is to keep them lusciously soft and healthy and these everyday steps work wanders for the condition of your smoochers and leave you sexy and kissable.


The medical term for chapped lips is cheilitis. There are many factors that are considered culprits of its formation. Knowing the cause is just as important as finding the solution. Causes include:

Saliva – Your lips do not contain the oil glands like the rest of the skin on your body, making it impossible for them to self-moisturize. Therefore, when they feel dry you may inadvertently lick them. When this happens, the saliva that was applied only evaporates into the air. Your mouth is then, left dryer than before you stuck your tongue out.

Dehydration – lack of water in the body can cause lipids in the skin to break down and split open. Drinks such as soda and alcohol take water away from the body, so consume these diuretic drinks in moderation. You must take in at least eight full glasses of water a day to keep your skin and lips saturated and smooth.

Environment – your skin is sensitive to the elements, just like your eyes or hair. Natural causes of chelitis are:

  • Dry Air: cold or hot air draws the moisture out of your lips by way of evaporation.
  • Sun Exposure: the sun damages all areas of skin, so be sure to use sunblock on your mouth folds as well as the rest of the body to ensure optimum skin health.
  • Allergies: Surprisingly your lips may react to makeup, toothpaste, or metal containing nickel or cobalt (i.e. piercings) by becoming irritated and tender.

Lip Tips

Maintaining the condition of your mouth is a crucial factor in protecting you from cheilitis or other irritations such as pimples. Take these steps to keep yours clean and vibrant for that special person.


Gently scrubbing any part of your skin is important for clearing away dead cells, and speeds the process of renewal. This is specifically healthy for the lips because it brightens them and moisturizes the deeper levels of membrane. A couple of operative ways to exfoliate include rubbing chap stick on a toothbrush and gently brushing over the rims of the mouth, and creating a homemade scrub using sugar and honey, then applying it to the lips with your fingers or that toothbrush softly.

Tea bags

This natural remedy calms inflammation in the skin’s tissue and heal those dry cracked places. Green tea is the best for this healing method but you may also use peppermint. Simply place the bag in warm water, and then press it to your mouth for 10 minutes. Perform the process four times daily if your cheilitis is severe.


Matte lipsticks and sparkle glosses may dry out the lips or absorb the damaging sunrays that cause sunburn. To prevent the risk of damage, it is important to moisturize regularly. The preeminent approach to accomplish moist lips is to keep some natural lip balm handy. Recently, companies have been paying attention to the influences of their lip products on people with sensitive skin. As a result, they have put out numerous tented lip-glosses that contain sunscreen and/or moisturizer. They keep you moisturized and keep your kisser looking sensual.  It is ideal that you invest in these products if you tend to wear these kinds of products frequently. If your lips are already severely chapped it is best to clean them and apply ointment such as Bag Balm.

Skin health is optimal in order to preserve the condition of your lips. These simple and all natural techniques will prevent and heal cracked, swollen areas and give you lips that are kissably soft. Mwah!

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