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Top 10 Women’s Fashion Rules

For women, it can be a major struggle to remain fashionable. What to wear? What accessories go with what kind of clothing? The questions regarding style and trends are never-ending. Not all trends are created equal and there are bad looks floating around. There are certain fashion rules that women should follow to ensure she looks her best at all times. Although there is not an official written rulebook for ladies to crack open and read whenever she needs a little bit of outfit advice, the following ten rules have been followed in the world of fashion for many years.

1. Buy clothes that suit your body type. This is often easier said than done but the more styles that you try on, the more you will begin to see what brings out your good points and what magnifies the flaws. Wearing clothes that are too small make you look constricted and uncomfortable while wearing clothes are too big give you a sloppy and unprofessional appearance that will turn people away.  This will take a little bit of trial and error but will make a positive impact on your wardrobe and overall confidence.

2. Choose proper undergarments. Many women make the mistake of overlooking the importance of proper undergarments. Tight fitting pants, dresses and skirts can reveal unwanted panty lines if your do not take the proper precautions. The last thing any woman wants is her panty lines getting ahead of her marvelous style.

3. Tights are not pants. As tempting as it may be to throw on your favorite pair of tights with an oversized sweater and head out for the day, tights are in no way shape or form a type of pants. Look at tights as more of an accessory. Think of it like this – Would you ever wear a purse as a dress? It is the same concept.

4. Dress your age. While this also may be difficult at times because it seems as if trends these days are geared towards a younger audience, there are still plenty of ways you can select fashion pieces suitable for your age with just a little tweaking.

5. Don’t contrast patterns. It may sound like a good idea to sport your favorite striped shirt with your polka-dot skirt but this is a major fashion don’t! The combination of patterns and colors are overwhelming. Patterns should only be matched with solids.

6. Don’t break the bank. Everyone knows that fashion can be expensive at times. Even when shopping during sales and at budget stores, sometimes the lure of being able to buy more for less can burn a hole in your pocket. Be smart with your clothing purchases. Buy only things that you’ll get a lot of use out of and that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

7. Wear minimal accessories. Many people like to throw on bracelets, belts, earrings, necklaces and hats to complete their outfits but there is such thing as too many accessories. When you’re wearing a bunch of different items it makes your outfit look cluttered and organized. It is best to just stick to just a few accessories per day.

8. Don’t mix metals. When it comes to wearing jewelry, if you are wearing silver earrings your necklace should be silver as well. The same goes for gold, bronze and other metals. The unbalanced pairing of metals is slightly tacky so it is best to keep your jewelry paired together so you can remain stylish.

9. Avoid horizontal stripes. No matter what your body type may be, horizontal stripes have the power to make anyone look wider than they actually are. Ditch horizontal stripes and opt for vertical stripes which flatter your feminine curves and elongate your body for a thinner silhouette.

10. Do not wear socks with sandals. This is one of the oldest rules in the book and should never be broken. The mixture of socks and sandals is far from attractive. Before walking out of the house with socks and sandals ask yourself if you really want to head out looking like a tourist. Keep the sandals just get rid of the socks.

Some rules are meant to be broken but these 10 fashion rules for women should be followed, not broken. Any fashion conscious lady knows these are the golden rules of style!

About Nina Wessels

began her career studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon graduating she had the opportunity to work in design for several influential designers. Nina finds inspiration in shapes, architecture and color.

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