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Top 5 Hairstyles For Men That Stand Out

Fashionable hairstyles for males have always been subject to change and variations. However, in the present age, the trend and appeal of haircuts has modified radically in a more advanced and contemporary form. Due to the expanding trends of hairstyles, men are now trying out new hair styles to obtain a more retro and attractive look. They feel as if an attractive haircut will make their personality look more appealing. Today, we can see a number of different hairstyles for men who are trying to draw the attention of the ladies.

Males are getting their hair cut in accordance with the structure of their face, their type of lifestyle, and also the hair that they have. Keeping some of these things in mind, you will be able to obtain the most attractive hairstyle which will make you look more handsome, attractive, and up-to-date. As of the year 2013, the most popular and the most common styles of hair for males are:


1. Spike Cut

The spike haircut is a hairstyle that is very simple to maintain, especially for those individuals who do not care about how their hair looks, but still want to look good. It might sound a little crazy, but it is definitely possible. In this certain hairstyle, the hairs of the person are short on the sides and short on the back with appealing spikes on the top. All you will have to do is apply suitable gel appropriately to make your hair look the way you want it to look. This hairstyle will look amazing on those people who have a long or square face cut.


2. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a very small and simple haircut that usually only suits men with an oval face structure. This haircut helps to add a nicer and more distinctive appearance to the person’s jaw line. The hairs of a person are tapered on the back and on the sides in this hairstyle while they are a little long at the front side. You will feel young and look gorgeous with the crew cut.


3. Messy

For all those individuals who claim that a messy hairdo or hairstyle is not appealing, you are definitely not modern. This hairstyle is one of the most famous and popular haircuts of the year 2013. The females will practically fall in love with you because the hairstyle is extremely attractive. What makes the hairstyle so appealing is the fun, cute, and it gives off a carefree look. Messy hair does not mean having bed hair. A messy hairdo is a carefully structured hairstyle with messy bangs and detailed layers. It looks beautiful on males with rectangle, square, and oblong facial features.


4. High Volume Coif

Another well known style that has been present in the most famous hairstyles for men history is the high volume coif. The style was inspired by Johnny Cash and Morissey. The epic style and look that their hair gave off suited their large life personas. If you would like to make the same fashion statement, then you should grow your hair to a longer length. Also, you will need to find the perfect routine and appropriate products to get your hair to stay and stand up straight. This coif is found to work best on people with thick hair, but it can work just as great for other types of hair too.

The first step to obtaining this look is by blow-drying your hair. It will not take long. In fact, blow drying the hair will make your hair malleable. Next, you will need to rub a powerful hold product through your hair. You can use any product that you like the best. The hair will look even better if the product is ultra malleable for quick touch ups anytime and anywhere, have a nice matte finishing, and can be washed out of the hair with ease. Once you complete the second step, you will need to utilize your finger or a tooth brush to comb and work the hair up.


5. Curly

Girls are crazy for males with curly hair. They find that the curls give a dashing look to the male. The undercut is a simple and fantastic way to tame your unruly hair. In this hairstyle, the hairs on the sides and at the back are shaved while the top is left messy. You can add your favourite products to increase the curls, avoid frizzing, and maintain a nice look. You will absolutely stunning with this type of hair.

Now you know about the top five hairstyles that are popular among males nowadays and if you are a male, then you can obtain one of these haircuts to look attractive, handsome, and great!

Good luck and select the hairstyle that suits your face cut!

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