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Try Out the Always-Trendy Rooftop Garden for Your Home

When Martha Stewart-like shows were just on the brink of becoming popular on television, gardening and doing a variety of tasks around the house seemed to be only fitting for stay-at-home moms. Today, however, almost everyone dabbles in do-it-yourself solutions not just for gardening, but for all-around homemaking.

One task in particular which has turned from a hobby into a necessity is home gardening. Whether you’re living alone or with your family, it is a must to consume fresh produce. But buying fresh fruits and vegetables everyday can put a big hole in your pocket. You can definitely grow your own garden so that you can have a constant supply of fresh food minus the per-gram expense, but what if you do not have the space in your backyard or front lawn? The solution? Grow a rooftop garden.

Need-to-Know Facts about Rooftop Gardens

If a rooftop garden is something that you are considering adding into your home, here are some need-to-know fact about it:

rooftop-garden3Why should I start a rooftop garden?

First, what are the benefits of having a rooftop garden? The primary reason for growing your own garden – be it on a rooftop or elsewhere – is for you to have a constant supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and even ornamental or medicinal plants. Second, if you live in an urban area where every square inch of space is precious, you may not necessarily have a huge front lawn or backyard that you can turn into a garden. The best way for you to grow plants in such an environment is by building a rooftop garden. Another benefit of starting a rooftop garden is that it allows you and your neighbors to have a gorgeous, green view – while helping insulate the roof at the same time.

Which plant varieties can I grow in a rooftop garden?

Depending on the purpose of your rooftop garden, there are many plant varieties that you can grow. If you want the garden to serve as your main source of fresh produce, you should definitely have edible plant varieties like herbs, spices, fruits and easy-to-grow vegetables. If you simply want your rooftop garden to look green and beautiful especially during the summer, you can grow ornamental and flowering plant species.

How do I start a rooftop garden?

rooftop-garden2Safety should be your number one consideration when starting a rooftop garden project. You don’t want passers-by in your building to accidentally get hit by falling objects from your garden. The weight of the garden itself is especially important because you need to make sure that the extra load will not cause undue damage to your roof. For this, it is best to consult a structural engineer. Never use wet soil which is too heavy – medium soil is a better option.

Your rooftop garden should have a plan so that you can consider factors like soil health, moisture and irrigation. A good idea would be to have the uppermost layer of the garden as the plant, followed by top soil, compost, wood chips, a moisture blanket, gravel, a pond liner and the main container of your rooftop garden. If unsure, it is best to seek the help of experts so that you can turn your rooftop garden into a resounding success – and have the plants thriving in no time at all.

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