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Wardrobe Basics: What Every Man Should Have

Fashion is a trend-setting industry that thrives on the next clothing innovation. However, the average man is not exactly fascinated by the fads that are sweeping the runway. They are in search of comfort and convenience, with an easygoing style and a hint of boldness. That is why these wardrobe basic will pull you back to the wardrobe basics, without leaving you behind in the runway race.

Power Suit

power-suitWhether you are searching for the next position or pulling that 9 to 5, an attractive power suit will give you the confidence you need to make the deal or the courage to ask for that much needed raise. Go with the serious look by way of a black or navy colored suit. The grey shades are looking snazzy as well. The great thing about any solid suit is that you can easily liven it up with a colorful tie.


Khakis carry a neutral and sophisticated look that can be enhanced for a semi-formal look or thrown together with a polo style shirt and you are set for golfing. The khaki’s versatile look is universal and conforms to the look you desire. No closet is complete without a pair to bridge your attires.


Loafers are convenient slip on shoes that range in styles from casual to business. They look trendy with shorts and sock are optional. They have many names like, ponies and penny loafers, which were given because people would place pennies in the fold on the top of the shoe (obviously a long time ago) to save for pay phone calls.

White Button-up

A random, short or long sleeved white button-up (or down) shirt will connect the dots on you looks by bringing a neutral style that will link fashions, giving you endless options. Choose a shirt that depicts your personality, as there are several to choose from such as, preppy, formal, or casual.


Belts are considered a necessity among men. They typically are not programmed to elect belts in bright colors. Honestly, they seldom stray from the black and brown tones. This is because the objective when buying belts is to find the correct size. In addition, it is equally important to know whether the chosen belt would keep your pants from falling. The fact that they complete the outfit by put emphasis on color coordination and getting the look together is not always acknowledged. Nevertheless, they are needed. It is recommended that you have at least three belts so you can rotate them, preventing excessive wearing.


Protect those baby blues by reflecting glare in style, with a tasteful pair of sunglasses. They add charm to your demeanor and are easy on the wallet. Whatever your taste, shades make it simple to add flare to your look. Be sure to go for quality glasses to ensure that they protect the eyes from any powerful lighting such as UV rays.

Leather Jacket

leather-jacketLeather jackets are the cultural icons of clothing that merge comfort and style to any outfit. They have rode on celebrity coat tails to the hall of fashion fame. This must-have is sure to excite any look and give you a little attitude with it.


Every man needs a fresh looking penguin suit in case they are invited to their best friend’s wedding, a New Year’s Eve event, or that formal company get-together. These are memorable and importantly formal events and you want to make a first impression. Owning a tuxedo will allow you to be prepared for the occasion and to put a personal spin on your formal wear. Freedom to obtain the look you want instead of what is available for rent is priceless.

The Smart Watch                                                                                        

Technology and fashion usually never mix, but this is tech-fashion at its finest. The newest and hottest wear are smart watches. They function as a mini iPhone or Android that is constantly strapped to your wrist. By the way, these devices are comadable to both operating systems. Raise your hand to your ear to answer a call. It reads the vibrations from your voice when you speak, triggering the speakers in the back of the watch to activate, allowing you to hear the caller. They are capable of texting, GPS, music apps and more. They come in the casual style that consists of brighter colors or the more traditional and sophisticated smart watches are available.

These items bring together many looks that complete your wardrobe and provide you with the basic tailored necessities.

About Nina Wessels

began her career studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon graduating she had the opportunity to work in design for several influential designers. Nina finds inspiration in shapes, architecture and color.

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