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When Is The Smoky Eye Look Too Much?

Countless women adore that glamorous and dramatic “smoky eye” look. This deep eye-popping appearance consists of color shades of mostly black and gray that cover the entirety of the eyelid. It gives the eye a smoke-colored hue that adds a splash allure to the eyes. It is perfect for the club scene, Glamming it up at the prom, or impressing friends at a holiday event. However, you need to know when to tone down the tint and get natural. Times when the erotic and bold look is just too much.


Liberating your unique style is commendable, just not at a wedding.  If you arrive looking like cat woman, you may be painted as impolite and attention hungry. Weddings are all about an idea of perfection and tradition. It is usually formal, with some sort of fashion theme or guideline. The goal is to roll with the color schemes and do not upstage the bride by way of distraction. Think pastels and neutrals for this occasion. Less is more at a wedding that is not your own. If you want some glam, add sparkles to the eyes or a glow-inducing bronzer, which compliments your natural skin color.

The Job

smokey-eyes1Unfortunately, companies have dress codes. No, it is not to make you wriggle unwillingly under corporate authority. It is because companies have names to uphold. Their promotion crews have performed widespread market research that result in the fact, that your dramatically dark eyes are faux pas among consumers. They want security in knowing that the people that are serving them are dedicated to the mission, and not just throwing a fashion party. Professional appearance may seem drab, but is essential to the mood of the work environment. The human resources department enforces these rules, to keep employee focus on the task, not the hottest cosmetic fashion. A stylish and less theatrical cosmetic display for the grind would involve earth tones for the eyes such as brown or green and neutral lip tones like a light mauve.


This subject is sensitive considering it is not your usual makeup dilemma. Dramatic makeup is a no-no for funerals. The number one reason for this is the shedding of tears. Losing a loved one is difficult and crying is a natural reaction to this situation, which can wreak havoc on those smoldering baby blues. Crying also ruins your look. You do not want to be performing cosmetic repair while the casket is being lowered.  Secondly, and equally important is respect. Going to a funeral with black eyes, may disrupt the flow of service and feel somewhat creepy to neighboring mourners. The focus is on consoling loved ones and grieving the loss and your appearance should be comforting. Sure, it is fitting to attend the wake in your Sunday best, but keep the face paint to a minimum. A nude look is best for this somber occasion. Clear lip-gloss and waterproof mascara are modest enough to enhance your features, without making you into a spectacle.

A Job Interview

Makeup grants the average woman the feeling of confidence and a positive self-image. Employers also appeal to prospective employees that take the time to groom themselves. Nevertheless, over made eyes are an interview abomination. The discussion between you and the manager is essential and genuinely considered in the hiring process, but your appearance is equally evaluative in this meeting. They expect to see a warm and inviting look that exudes a trustworthy and likable presence. To put it plainly, to the interviewer, your look depicts the kind of employee you will be. Moderation is the key for eyeshades in this situation. Use modest nude colors (champagne) to accentuate the lids, this will draw less attention to your face and allow your qualifications to take center stage.

The grey look is an exotic and beautifying trend for women of all ages. It is worn by celebrities, and sought after by those who seek eye definition. It adds glamor to your look and makes you feel unique and beautiful. Although, perfect for several events, it is a smudge when it comes to nuptials and other formal rituals. Respect and discernment involving employer expectations of your appearance are also to be encompassed in choosing your makeup look wisely. We know there is a time and place for everything. There is also a time when those mysterious, smoky eyes are just too much.

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