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Which Withings Scale Is Right For You?

A bathroom weight scale is extremely beneficial when you need to measure or track the progress in losing or maintaining a healthy weight.  While results may not be readily seen in the mirror, a great bathroom scale will report whether progress is being made or has come full stop.  Our Withings scales provide the relatively simple number of how much a person weighs along with other information for optimum health.  Certainly providing the most premium bathroom scales available on the market.

These days, there are a large variety of bathroom scales available on the market.  These scales range from the no-tech dial type scale to the high tech scales that register even body fat.  Withings is very much on the high tech end of the market.  Some of these scales include wi-fi in order to track infant and toddler development.  Therefore, the key in choosing from these high tech digital scales is first knowing what you need from a bathroom scale and which features are most important to you.

Smart Body Analyzer Digital Scale

Body Weight Scale: Now progress can be tracked over time.  Know when you eat and exactly which foods may be throwing you off track.  Stay on top of bad habits, such as overeating when   stressed with this outstanding digital scale.

Personalized Coaching: That’s right we’ve ‘trained’ our Withings scale to provide clear and concise data to your smart phone.  Easily read graphs that monitor your progress toward and maintaining weight loss goals.

Measure Heart Rate: A sign of physical fitness is knowing your heart rate at rest, a strong heart simply beats slower.  Simply stand on the scale for a few extra seconds to receive the information. This data is also transferred to an easily accessible smart phone application.

Set Goals: Our personalized smart phone applications help you also set goals in weight loss and physical fitness.  Set reminders of when to exercise.  The application is so smart it will help you through providing health tips and reminders throughout the week.

Monitor the Condition of the Air: Our digital scale monitors carbon dioxide levels and temperature to let you know when a bit of fresh air is warranted.  Keep healthy through allowing our digital scale to let nature partner with you in your best health.

Wireless Scale WS-30

withings-scale-wireless Amazon-in-stock

Body Mass Index (BMI) Reports: Receive both a digital scale reading and your BMI number, all by simply stepping onto this bathroom scale.  The BMI indicator tells you whether you are in your optimum weight range or still have more work.

Wireless Connectivity: Set up smart phone communications simply and easily with wi-fi or bluetooth.  Data    is conveniently and smartly delivered to your phone or tablet.  Connectivity is easy     and effortlessly set up in seconds.

Mobility: Check your progress anywhere and everywhere with over a hundred mobile applications.  Easily read and understood charts and graphs keep you on track. Also receive regular tips and tricks to stay on goal.

Individuality: Every member of the family can keep a record of their progress with this digital scale.  They have only to set up an account and in moments every person has access to their highly personalize information.

Shout It Out: Share progress and maintenance goals through social media platforms.  Let them encourage and cheer you on as you reach your weight loss goals.  The scale ‘knows’ which member of the family simply by stepping on the scale.

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Smart Kid Scale

Healthy Weight: Monitor the gains and losses as baby grows, accurately and easily.  Compare his or her development online.  Charts easily monitor baby’s growth as he or she passes through important developmental stages.

No-Cost Smart Phone Application: Growth trends are easily seen and shared with family and friends through the application.  Draw comparisons on your child’s development as your child grows. Track health changes as baby transitions from breast to bottle.

Transforms into a Kid Scale: This digital scale can be used for many years as your child grows and develops.  A child may use the familiar scale up to fifty-five pounds.  The scale can register and monitor the weights of as many as four children.

Keeping track of everyone’s weight has never been simpler.  Modern technology has expanded the simple bathroom scale into a remarkable device that can monitor and record everyone’s progress.  The scale helps keep everyone on target and in control of their individual eating habits.

Installing Your Withings Scale

No matter which one you choose, all Withing Scales are easy to install. This installation can easily be done with a smart phone or tablet, even if you are not technologically literate. A quick start guide with screenshots will be included in every box to help consumers install and begin using this innovative product. Owners can connect the scale in Bluetooth to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, to install and launch the free Withings app. This app will walk you through the entire process step by step through the limited number of steps.

If a customer decides not to connect their new Withings Scale to the internet, it can also be used just like a regular scale. You can begin using this scale as soon as it is out of the box without any trouble. This will allow you to benefit from Position Control feature but you will not be able to get the fat mass or helpful heart rate reading.

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